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15+ Best Open-Source & Paid Nextjs eCommerce Templates for 2022

Looking for the best Nextjs eCommerce templates? Look no further! Here, we will look at the top 15+ best Nextjs eCommerce templates available on the internet.

Free & Premium Nextjs eCommerce Templates
Free & Premium Next JS eCommerce Templates

Adding an online store to your website will give you a great opportunity. It will help you increase revenue and reach out to more customers. Making an eCommerce template is not that simple. Making an online store requires a lot of effort, time, and money. And a template can cut these hassles in half and make your development process faster.

NextJS framework has a clever approach to web app development. It only loads the Javascript and CSS required for each page. Since a user’s browser doesn’t have to download Javascript. And also, CSS that doesn’t need for the specific page the user is viewing, page loading times are significantly sped up.

Nextjs eCommerce Templates

Now, without further delay, let’s dive straight into the realm of NextJS eCommerce templates. The list below is in no particular order.

1. Bazar Pro – Multipurpose React Next.js Ecommerce Template

Bazar Pro Best Multipurpose eCommerce Template

Bazar Pro is a powerful multipurpose React eCommerce template. It has an elegant design and multiple homepages. This is a professional, mobile-friendly, server-side rendered, production-ready eCommerce template.

It’s clean and has a simple codebase that makes it easy to understand. Also, it is built with MUI, one of the most popular React User Interface libraries. The template includes features like easy customization, multi-vendor pages, multiple homepages, etc. Moreover, here you will find a user account dashboard, an admin/vendor dashboard, and more.


  • Next.js
  • Multiple home pages
  • Multi-vendor pages
  • Optimized for mobile & performance
  • User account dashboard
  • Admin/vendor dashboard
  • Fully responsive design
  • React hooks
  • Lazy image loading
  • Formik
  • SEO friendly
  • Server Side Rendered
  • Clean Code
  • Figma Ready
  • Easy to customize

Live Preview Details / Download

2. Vercel – Open-Source Nextjs eCommerce

vercel/commerce - Free Nextjs eCommerce

Vercel Nextjs eCommerce with the highest GitHub Stars and Forks provides you with an all-in-one eCommerce site. You can easily clone this, deploy and customize it for your online store. The template has six versions of demos available, including Shopify, Swell, Vendure, Bigcommerce, Ordercloud, etc.

Most importantly, it has UI Components, Dark Mode Support, Standardized Data Hooks, Internationalization, SEO Ready, etc. And it supports all big eCommerce backends. Moreover, features like cart, search, wishlist, customerAuth, and Customer checkout can be enabled or disabled. It means the UI will remove all the codes related to this feature.

Experience this open-source template from the buttons below.

Live Preview Details / Download

3. Bonik – React eCommerce Template with NextJS

Bonik React eCommerce Template with NextJS

Bonik React Nextjs template is a multipurpose eCommerce Template. It aims for faster performance, high code quality, and SEO, among other things.

Importantly, it has Styled Components and custom components to avoid low performance. Styled Component made it simple to change the overall appearance of the website.

Also, there are four different shop versions (Superstore, Grocery delivery, Niche Market version 1, and Niche Market version 2). And a plethora of inner pages such as multivendor and user accounts. Make sure to check out this eCommerce template.

Live Preview Details / Download

4. Boundless – Free Next.js eCommerce Templates

boundless commerce api first ecommerce platform - free react & nextjs ecommerce templates

Boundless Free Next.js eCommerce templates by Boundless Commerce provide a ready-to-use solution for creating high-performance e-commerce websites using Next.js and TypeScript. The templates include fully functional e-commerce websites with hierarchical catalogs, product widgets, filters, and marketing components like sliders and carousels.

The themes have been developed with SEO in mind, including schema markups, sitemaps, and all necessary meta-tags. The template includes shopping carts with animated widgets and fully customizable React checkouts.

Additionally, the template features user-friendly mobile versions, making it easy for customers to shop on the go. With Boundless Free Next.js eCommerce templates, you can quickly and easily create a professional e-commerce website that is optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Live Preview Details / Download

5. Jamstack – Open-Source Nextjs eCommerce

Jamstack - Free Nextjs eCommerce

Jamstack is a starter project using Next.js and React to build high-performance ECommerce applications. Using Next.js, Jamstack eCommerce Next allows you to quickly get up and running with a fully configurable ECommerce site.

The site relies entirely on static data from the ‘providers/inventoryProvider.js’ provider. By changing the call in the ‘getInventory’ function, you can update this provider to fetch data from any real API. The template has a very minimal design. And you will get a very fast navigation experience through the template.

Live Preview Details / Download

6. Quantum eCommerce – Open-Source Nextjs eCommerce Template

Quantum eCommerce - Free Nextjs eCommerce Template

The Quantum eCommerce template is made with Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo Server, Apollo Client, and SSR. It is a free and open-source template for technology-based products. There are great features like authentication with cookies sessions, resetting the password using email, listing products, filtering products by category, Live search, and many more.

Though the design is very basic, however, you can check out the page, add products to your wishlist, and do everything else you need to have on an electronics-based eCommerce website. Make sure to check that out.

Live Preview Details / Download

7. Strapi – Open-Source Starter Next.js E-commerce

Strapi Starter Next.js E-commerce

Strapi is a starter Nextjs eCommerce template that allows you to create a simple eCommerce website for buying stickers. As it is open-source, you will have full access to contribute to it. Try to add new features to it or report bugs where you find them.

There are two collection types, product and category, and one component, responsive design using TailwindCSS. Also, Permissions are set to ‘true’ for product and category, role-based access control, and more.

Live Preview Details / Download

8. E-Shop – Open-Source Nextjs eCommerce Template

E-Shop - Free Nextjs eCommerce Template

E-Shop is an open-source work-in-progress Nextjs eCommerce template with minimal features. It has all the pages available that you must need on an eCommerce web app. Examples include the home page, products page, cart page, login page, register page, etc.

As this is an open-source project, you can contribute to it and make progress quicker and better. Check out the live preview section template and give it a star if you like.

Live Preview Details / Download

9. Wokiee – Multipurpose React eCommerce Template

Wokiee - Multipurpose React eCommerce Template

Wokiee is a premium React Nextjs eCommerce template. The number of demos they are providing is huge. Importantly, it covers almost all the major business categories of demos for you.

Regardless of your niche, Wokiee can provide you with the perfect set of examples so that you can easily set up the layouts. Also, it offers full responsiveness and user-friendliness and is easily operable. To be exact, the template has over 20 stunning homepage layouts, 38+ pre-built home skins, 4 layout options for shop pages, 4 blog pages, etc. These are just a few examples. It is a very large template with a very smooth design.

Regarding website development, the amazing multipurpose React eCommerce Next JS-based web template Wookie can help you get things done quickly. This beautiful premium web design tool will be ideal for your current or future webstore.

Read the details and watch live demos for a better understanding.

Live Preview Details / Download

10. Fullstack – Open-Source Next.js E-Commerce

Fullstack Free Next.js E-Commerce

Fullstack Next.js eCommerce is an Open-Source template with a minimal outlook and a simple navigation system. There is a cart option available in the template.

You can report bug issues or contribute to the project and improve it.

Demo / Details / Download

11. Shoponix – Nextjs template for eCommerce store

Shoponix - Nextjs template for eCommerce store

Shoponix is another premium template available on ThemeForest. It is a React & Nextjs-based, fully functional, ready-to-use multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace template. It includes the Stripe payment gateway, as well as Cloudinary and role-based user access. And also has a working admin dashboard with role-based like root user, admin user, and general user functionality.

The template comes with six different demo variations, including a grocery store, a Covid19 store, a furniture store, an electronics store, a fashion store, and a few other inner pages. It has a Retina Ready visual UX/UI experience with responsive, beautiful design layouts and much more. Check out Shoponix from the buttons below.

Live Preview Details / Download

12. ChawkBazar – React Next Lifestyle Ecommerce Template

ChawkBazar - React Next Lifestyle Ecommerce Template

ChawkBazar is a lifestyle-oriented eCommerce template made with React, Nextjs, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript. It has five home pages and numerous other pages. Also, it’s very simple to use, and they have used TypeScript with strict typing for reusable components.

You’ll love it if you’re a React developer. It’s made with simulated JSON data. So you can see how to connect it to real data. It’s very simple to set up; we only had to issue a single command to get it working in Vercel. We used Tailwind CSS, which has a lot of configuration options. You’ll be able to replace it with your style. It’s extremely quick. It will be a hit with your customers.

Live Preview Details / Download

13. Novine – React Nextjs eCommerce Templates


Novine is a React Next JS eCommerce template for purses that is clean and modern. React.js, Next.js, React-Redux, ES6+, Sass, and Bootstrap 5.x are used to create it. Novine includes Stripe payment as well as a simple checkout feature. It has beautiful responsive design layouts and a fantastic Retina Ready visual UX/UI experience. The template comes with 15+ demo variations and many inner pages.

The Novine comes with a well-documented source code that is well-commented and easy to customize. These will aid in the usability and customization of the template to meet the needs of the ultimate eCommerce website.

Live Preview Details / Download

14. PickBazar – React Nextjs Ecommerce Template


PickBazar is an amazing React Nextjs eCommerce template. So far it has made over 2000 sales. The company used technologies like React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Nest JS & Tailwind CSS to make this beautiful eCommerce template.

Importantly, their interface promises to give you an interface that is quick and easy to set up, plus a super smooth overall experience. Also, it comes with multiple demos, an admin version, and other essential pages, and it is available for mobiles too.

Don’t forget to check out PickBazar!

Live Preview Details / Download

15. Livani – React Next eCommerce Store + Admin Panel


Livani is a pure React & NextJS working eCommerce template with a clean and modern design. It was built with Firebase Firestore, Firebase Auth, AWS S3, Stripe, Express.js, and other technologies. Stripe payment is included in the template as an easy checkout feature.

All products from Firebase Firestore are displayed on the front side of the template. Demonstration of functional pagination React-Redux and JS Cookies are used for registration and login. Products Quick & Details View, Add to Cart, Real-Time Stripe Checkout, and other features of the Livani are functional.

Moreover, it also has a working admin dashboard for multiple admin panel purposes. Lastly, it has beautiful responsive design layouts and a fantastic Retina Ready visual UX/UI experience. The template comes with 10+ demo variations, well documentation, customizable source code, and many inner pages.

Live Preview Details / Download

16. Medsy – React Medicine Ecommerce Template with Google sheet & Next JS


Medsy is a React Medicine E-commerce Template that uses Google Sheets, TypeScript, and Next JS. Create your pharmacy with our high-tech options. This lightning-fast E-commerce template is built with React, NextJS, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS. It is to make it simple for anyone to start their online store.

The company’s unified platform is simple and quick to use, allowing you to grow your business faster. To run your business, use Google Sheets. Add your products to a Google Sheet, display it in the FrontEnd, and collect orders in a separate Google Sheet. That’s all there is to it.

Learn more about Medsy from the buttons below.

Live Preview Details / Download

17. KachaBazar – React Next eCommerce Template


KachaBazar is an eCommerce Template for a Grocery & Organic Food Store. It is built with Next.js and TailwindCSS. The backend of this template is built with node, express, mongoose schema validation, and MongoDB as the database.

It is, in fact, a full MERN project. However, you can modify it to suit your needs. And also mold it to any e-commerce site. This stunning eCommerce template includes every feature required for an online Grocery or Organic Food store.

Live Preview Details / Download

18. Stroyka – Tools Store React eCommerce Template

Stroyka - Tools Store React eCommerce Template

Stroyka is an eCommerce template for instruments or tool stores. However, you can use it for auto parts stores, electronics stores, etc. The template is available in different versions like React, Nextjs, Vue, Angular, HTML, and more. If you are unsure about which version to choose, you can freely ask them for their opinion.

The Next.js version is based on create-next-app and written in TypeScript language. It also supports SSR and a well-documentation available. Among many amazing features, the best is its 100% responsive layout, LTR/RTL support, Compatibility with all major browsers, PhotoSwipe gallery on the product page, etc.

Live Preview Details / Download

Final Thoughts

Finally, it seems like your search for the best Nextjs eCommerce templates has come to an end. These templates for eCommerce apps will make the development process a breeze. They provide functionality that would take a developer hours to design.

They have impacted business for quite some time and aid in the expansion of scalability. It is difficult to create an eye-catching eCommerce web app with strong security and cutting-edge technology. However, some open-source templates are basic and should only be used for practice. You can use some of these open-source and paid Nextjs eCommerce templates to create Quikie web apps.

Thank you for your time.

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