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Top 12 Best React Admin Templates in 2022

Are you looking for React Admin Templates to jumpstart your backend project? They are right here. In this blog, we’ve carefully curated only the React Admin Templates that contain a wide range of helpful features.

best react admin templates

Along with the premium admin templates, we have intentionally selected some free templates. These free templates offer a good amount of features. The reason we’ve picked the free templates is to help those projects where the budget is short. It can be beneficial also for those who want to learn more about React dashboards. Who knows, you might find a free template that fulfills all of your requirements.

Since every item in this collection gives opportunities for a wide range of projects. Therefore, no matter which type of admin area you want. Surely you will get more than just one to choose from here.

Please remember, that the blog is just an overview of these vast projects. So, you can view the demos. In that way, you will get a clear picture of what your admin area will look like and what they can provide you to bolster your project.

1. MatX React Dashboard Pro

MatX React Dashboard Pro

MatX is a modern Material Design Admin template built with ReactRedux & Material UI. The template provides all premium features and dedicated support. From components to ready apps for web applications, it has everything. This extensive collection of React components creates multiple possibilities for users.

As we know, the process of building a web app can be pretty time-consuming and complicated. So, its creators solved the issue by providing not only a set of layouts but offered a complete design system. However, the template has a free version as well. So, there is an option for you to verify the potentialities of this product before actually buying it.

Buy or experience both the free and premium versions and go through the list of features they own. Make it yours!

Demo / Download  Free Version

2. Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material UI

Jumbo - React Admin Template with Material UI

Jumbo is an admin dashboard template built with React and Material UI. The template took advantage of the Google Material Design concept. And you can quickly create a project layout. Moreover, with the help of the Jumbo color scheme, you can select your color scheme.

This template package has more than 250 reusable components, 07 ready-to-use dashboards, 03 available theme shades, 10+ layout options, 06 fully functioned application UI, and many more.

Most importantly, as we can see, they are willing to offer us more than our expectations but at a very affordable budget.

Demo / Download

3. Materio – MUI React Next.js Admin Template


Materio is one of the most developer-friendly and highly customizable React Admin Dashboards. If you are a developer looking for the Best React Material Dashboard Template that is feature-rich and highly customizable, look no further than Materio.

Furthermore, the highest industry standards are adhered to in order to bring you one of the best React Admin Templates that are not only fast and simple to use, but also highly scalable.

It also includes useful features that seek to assist you in creating high-quality single-page apps just as you envision them. There are essential features like fuzzy search, dark, semi-dark, and bordered layout options, advanced cards, and charts. Learn more from the button below.

Demo / Download

4. MaterialPro React Redux Admin

material pro

Finding the most adaptable react material admin template is akin to searching for a needle in a sea of haystacks. WrapPixel has released MaterialPro React Redux Admin. It has a modular design that gives its users a cutting edge with full customization options.

It provides a valuable collection of components, elements, and widgets, as well as ready-to-use plugins. To make your WebApps more appealing, the react-redux admin template is carefully crafted with details. Moreover, it is applicable for retail weather analytics, weather data analytics, and weather forecast admin template. Learn more from the button below.

Demo / Download

5. Gogo – React Admin Template

Gogo - React Admin Template

Gogo is a fully responsive React Admin Template. It is a combination of a clean codebase and an excellent design. Built with Reactstrap, React-Redux, React Router Dom, Firebase, Formik, etc.

The template supports multiple languages, video players, and Keyboard shorts. And its main features are 10+ color schemes, a two-panel menu, 03 Apps, 04 Dashboards, and lots of components.

In addition, to reduce the complexion of a single Panel Menu, Gogo created 02 separate Panel Menus and categorized pages accordingly.

Demo / Download

6. Wieldy – React-Redux Ant Design Admin Template

Wieldy - React-Redux Ant Design Admin Template

Wieldy, a complete React Admin Template and Starter Kit. It follows and implements an Ant Design framework to develop a React App.

It has all the libraries for you to build small to complex apps in the shortest period. The template contains 200+ custom Ant Font Icons, Dynamic routing support, an event calendar, etc. Moreover, Wieldy now includes HTML, JQuery, and Bootstrap 4 versions too.

Demo / Download

7. Volt – React Admin Template (free)

Volt free template

Volt is an open-source React Admin Dashboard template based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5. This free template has 100+ components, SaaS preprocessing language, etc.

And its library is using a data-driven methodology. Therefore, a large part of data goes to the components as an array of objects.

Demo Download

8. Corona – React Admin Dashboard Template (free)


Corona is a React Admin Template with a dark and sleek admin area. The template is easy to customize and has a rich set of features. There is also a full version available that includes everything you need. It can transcend a project to the next level. 

Check out the demo and download it for more information.

Demo Download

9. Azia – React Admin Template (free)

Azia - React Admin Template

Azia is another free admin template that provides super cool features. All of the components can be useful for your projects. The template contains compiled and minified variations, a clean codebase, and excellent files and directories. It has a pro version as well.

So, make sure to check out both of the Azia admin template’s demos for more information.

Demo Download

10. Materially – React Admin Template (free)

materially admin template

Materially offer multiple choices for chart icons, and widgets and has an RTL layout too. The template provides you with all app pages and ingredients possible with a minimum configuration.

Click the buttons below to have a better grasp of this template. However, it has a paid version as well.

Demo Download

11. Isomorphic – React Admin Template with Redux

Isomorphic - React Admin Template with Redux

Among others, Isomorphic is the pioneer of all React Admin Templates in Themeforest. It is a highly optimized admin template with a progressive web application pattern.

Isomorphic is a single-page admin dashboard powered by React-Redux. Also, some of its technical supports are custom invoice builder, firestore CRUD, Algolia search, full RTL support, and more.

In addition, you can have GitHub access for free sketch files and added dockerfile for easy deployment.

Demo / Download

12. Fuse

Fuse - React Admin Template

Fuse made with React Hooks. That means you can use state and other React features without writing a code. It uses Google’s Material Design guidelines. Also, the template uses Material UI as its primary UI library and Redux Toolkit for state management.

It gives you 5 example apps, 20+ pages, easy color management, multi-language samples, and a lot more. More it supports all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

Make sure to check out and experience Fuse React.

Demo / Download


Finally, it seems that your search for React Admin templates ends here. We have fortunately managed to gather all ’Best React Admin Templates for 2021’. Since there are various demands in the industry, we listed out some of the best free and premium React Admin templates available. So that you can build the best React admin dashboard within your criteria. 

Thank you for your time.

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