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10 Best Angular Material Admin Dashboards

When it comes to Angular dashboard themes, there are lot of options available. However, there are very few “Best Dashboard Material template”. We will see some of the best Angular Dashboard free templates that you can go with. Some of them are premium Angular Material dashboard. You can go with any of them as per your requirements. Most of them are in the same price range.

#1 MatX (Best Angular material dashboard)

MatX is one of the best angular material dashboard available. It’s made using the official material component library of Angular. The best thing about the template is that here Bootstrap and jQuery are not used. Instead, the Flex layout is used.  It’s one of the themes which will catch your attention by just looking at it once. Here, you will get a clean and standard code. The navigation part is the most important thing that you will need to see in the angular dashboard theme. Here, you will get vertical navigation and Horizontal navigation.

The theme has all the features including JSON web token authentication and dynamic breadcrumbs. The modules also support lazy loading. So, the users can open the dashboard in no time. It also supports multiple colors and RTL. You can get this angular dashboard template free or you can get the premium version too.  This is one of the few Angular dashboard templates free. As most of them are only paid.

Best Features

  • JSON Web Token Authentication
  • User Roles
  • RTL and Multi-language
  • Fast Performance and lazy loading module
  • Various components and charts
  • It supports eCommerce, TODO, inbox, Invoice builder, etc. The invoice also supports PDF and print.
View Demo Get MatX

#2 Egret

The next theme is also based on the angular dashboard. It’s perfectly suited for the people who are running a SaaS. There are many features available staring for JSON Authentication to different modes. It supports all the SaaS whether you want to run an ERP or a CMS project. It’s not made on bootstrap and jquery. For easy editing, it has an in-built customizer that you can use. It has various color options from which you can select your favorite one.

You can select from various colors. The angular theme also has multiple layouts So, you can take te advantage of that too. there is complete documentation even for any kind of help. You can select from light mode or dark mode. It includes a rich text editor, angular lazy loading, etc. All these will increase the performance of the theme and your website. You can also add a user tour.

Features in Glance

  • Perfect for SaaS
  • Customizer to help you edit the look
  • Two navigations available – vertical and horizontal
  • JWT Authentication
  • Code Splitting

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#3 Primer

Another Angular material dashboard that you can surely go with is Primer. It’s made with Angular and React material. The look and the features of the themes are common. One advantage you will get is the React Router. It also includes JSS styling which enhances the look of the dashboard template. It supports dark mode and light mode. The modes are very much important in today’s world as users would surely want to switch from one mode to another. Therefore, you can use it anywhere. It has an AoT compilation and is fully compatible with all the devices.

Talking about the compatibility, it supports language translation and RTL. So, even if your CMS or SaaS is in any other language, you can use this dashboard template. Unfortunately, it’s not an Angular dashboard template free. So, you will have to pay for it.


  • Language translation and RTL
  • AOT Compilation
  • Support to all the devices
  • React Support

Get Primer Here

#4 Annular

If you are looking for an Angular material dashboard that includes TS and the latest version, you should have a look at the Annular template. It is built on Angular 10 with Angular CLI. It supports the Angular Flex layout. The template also uses a nested routing and dynamic menu. This makes a lot easier and makes the look more awesome. If you are somehow who cares to abut the features more than looks, this template is for you. However, if you also want fancy looks, you might not like the overall look of the theme. As seen in the image, the theme looks pretty simple. Not to mention, it has more than 8 color schemes or theme options that you can choose from.

angular dashboard template free

For the content, it has ngx charts and databases. You will get an Angular perfect scrollbar along with the drag and drop. Overall, there are many more features compared to a regular Angular theme. If you want to display your user address, you can also use the maps feature. It supports Google maps and Leaflet. Other features such as AoT compilation and lazy loading are also present in this theme.


  • Angular 10 and Angular CLII
  • Flex layout
  • Forms, Calendar, Charts, and many more things for content
  • Angular perfect scrollbar along with the drag and drop feature.
  • It has a responsive design and supports high resolution
  • LTR and RTL support is also available
  • Regular updates are another reason to get this template

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#5 Momo

Momo is another great Angular material dashboard. It has roughly 50 pages, 15 chart designs, and more than 19 widgets that you can use for the theme. If you want the highest amount of customization in terms of looks, this is the best theme. You can easily set the icons as per your wish. There are all the basic modules or widgets already given such as Testimonial, Portfolio, Chat, etc. Chat is one of the features that very few themes have. Therefore, it can be considered a huge advantage over any other.

angular dashboard template free

Further, if you are planning to scale up, it has eCommerce pages too. Like we mentioned, there is no doubt there are enough customization options. To elaborate it more, you can easily set the typography and colors of your choice in just a few clicks. There are two themes here, one of them is dark and the next is right. This UI is possible with Teradata Covalent.


  • Various color and typography support.
  • Chat features are the best one
  • Dark theme and light theme
  • There are various pages, charts, and widgets available
  • All the modules are given such as Testimonial, Login pages, etc
  • It has eCommerce pages and found page

Get Momo Dashboard

#6 Gradus

The next theme is based on Angular 10 and comes with TypeScript. Few reasons to select Grauds as your Angular material dashboard is because of the easy customization and maintenance. You can easily customize the template however you want. Further, it’s really easy to maintain a fully responsive template. Here, all the pages have their modules. So, if you want to add more pages to it, you can easily do it. There won’t be any compactible issues here. It comes with the Flex layout.

angular dashboard template free

Further, it has all the features needed for the dashboard theme such as AoT companion, nested views, and it also has lazy loading routes for faster speed. You can select from six different themes and colors which will surely suit your brand’s theme. Unlike most templates, it has an awesome landing page included. You will get the ngx-data table and charts here. Just like the previous theme, it has Angular Perfect Scrollbar and Angular Drag and drops.


  • Landing page
  • Responsive, RTL, and LTR support.
  • Google and Leaflet Maps along with forms and a full calendar
  • Flex layout
  • Ngx-data table
  • Ngx-charts
  • Easy to maintain and all the options given to customize the theme

Buy Gradus Template

#7 Optima (Best Looking Angular material dashboard)

Optima is a theme with a gradient. So, the overall dashboard look is awesome. There are more than 10 color options given for which you can choose your favorite one as per your need. You can also set dark mode. The user’s profile picture can be shown in the horizontal menu. It’s based on Angular 10. The Angular material dashboard was recently launched. So, it is made according to the new requirements. You will surely get regular updates.

angular material dashboard

There are many important pages given such as user list, eCommerce section, pricing page, etc. In the same way, there are various charts and maps given such as ngx charts, pie charts, bar charts, line charts, etc. For maps, it has Google and Leaflets like all the other dashboard templates.


  • Various components, pages, and charts are given
  • Angular 10 and Angular CLI
  • Nested Routing and Lazy loading along with responsive design.
  • Color picker, date picket, maps, forms, calendar, etc are some of the small but useful features
  • Flex layout with a horizontal menu also works great.

Buy Optima Dashboard

#8 Atrio

Atrio is a theme available in Angular 10+. It uses the latest version of all the things. It has Angular Material UI 10.0.0 with Bootstrap 4.5.0and every 3.51. Yes, most of the Angular material dashboard that we discussed didn’t use Bootstrap or jquery. However, this one surely uses both. There are lots of features available here. First, let’s talk about the looks of the template Here, you will get Bootstrap and jquery. So, the looks are awesome. It has more than 7 predefined color schemes. You can select from 3 different dashboards. It includes font awesome 5. Like every other template, you can select from dark or light them.

It has a material table and W3C validated code. Manging code is super easy. The code is built with gulp and package management with NPM. Further, it has a dynamic JS import. You can easily create a task app and calendar app by just using the theme. Both of these things are already done for you. Therefore, you will have to spend the least time doing all these.


  • Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Package management with NPM and build code with a gulp
  • Clean code with proper comments. Further, it also has documentation
  • Material table and forms
  • Further, there is Nested routing and lazy loading
  • The chat application is already ready along with the task management and calendar app.
  • Moreover, Email, support ticket, contact list, and grid are already there.

Buy Atrio Angular Dashboard

#9 Ngx Admin

The next theme that you can go with is the ngx admin theme. As soon as you can go to the website, it will ask you to choose one of the themes. There are four options available from which you can choose from. They are Material Dark, Material Light, Light, and Dark. Soon as you select the theme, you will see the live preview of the theme. Unlike most of the themes, here all the information is not given. Now, this could be taken as an advantage or it can be taken as a disadvantage.

angular material dashboard

Further, the features are awesome. There are various options for backend authentication. You can select any language. There are various layout options. There are various forms, UI components, etc. Further, there are many Modal and overlays. There are maps, charts, and all the other regular things available.


  • Various layouts
  • There are many Modals and overlays
  • Ngx-datatable and ngx-charts
  • Editors

Get ngx Theme

#10 Stbui (Chinese Angular material dashboard)

Stbui’s Angular material dashboard is a theme that is pretty different than the previous ones. Here, the default language is Chinese. So, you will have to adjust a little bit but there are any more features that you will get here. For example, here, you will get exclusive features. There is a PWA available. PWA stands for the Progressive web app. With this, your users can simply create a home screen app of the admin dashboard.

You can get his Angular dashboard template free. It has firebase authentication along with docket integration. Moreover, it also has electron integration. If you are from China or want to use this template for Chinese people, this theme is the best as you will not have to set the language on your own. Everything is already given to you. You can start using this Angular material dashboard. You can get this angular dashboard template free.


  • Chart features
  • Docker integration
  • Electron Integration
  • PWA is also available
  • Lastly, The Chinese language supported

Get Stbui Theme

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best angular dashboard template free and premium ones. You can surely use any of the angular material dashboard templates. If you are new and want to learn Angular, we recommend you to go with the best angular dashboard template free instead of the paid ones. Once you are familiar with the concept, you can head over to the paid ones.

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