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10 Best Vue.js Admin Template for Your Next Project in 2022

Today, we’ve decided to offer you a collection of the ‘best Vue.js admin template’. Make sure to click & visit the links for a detailed inspection.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. Since its first release in 2014, it’s gotten more popular among the other JS frameworks. Though initially, the Patreon community funded the Vue. However, it has now become one of the most valuable frameworks in the developing industry.

The JavaScript library adds interactivity to your page. It doesn’t matter whether it’s plain JavaScript or a framework like React or Angular. Likewise, with Vue, you can drop in a view to a single div and add this interactivity to create your entire application view. Vue.js takes bites of ideas from all the other modern JavaScript frameworks. And it combines them into an ultra-fine collection of various possibilities.

As a developer, you always try to build a project that can provide an excellent UI. Significantly, to increase the overall user experience. But to make that possible, we don’t need to start everything from scratch. Right?

So, with the advent of online marketplaces. And with the help of genius developers from all over the world. Now we can download hundreds of pre-built tools and features. That can save our precious time and make our project successful within the shortest period possible.

In this blog, you will find the ’10 best Vue.js admin template’ that are well designed and meant to fortify your web app’s performance. So, hop in and choose which template you should grasp for your upcoming project.

Best Vue.js Admin Template

1. Gull – Vue.js Admin Template by UI-Lib

 Gull - Vue.js Admin Template

Gull is an admin template made with Bootstrap Vue. It offers more than 250 UI elements and supports every kind of backend case from eCommerce to CMS. With full RTL support, multiple layouts, and various color schemes, it is one of the best options available.

The template provides unique designs with better code quality and No Jquery Dependency. Along with data tables, and list views, it has other pre-built apps like chat, invoice builder, etc. Moreover, it is ready to be translated.
Also, it adds new updates regularly. So, there is always some new application, and pages that are appearing.

It has an HTML version too.


2. Vuexy – Vue.js Admin Template by PIXINVENT

Vuexy Admin Template

An outstanding admin template built on the Vuesax framework. It contains 100+ pages, 100+ cards, more than 50 elements, and six well-crafted apps. Here, the built-in customizer allows users to change their admin panel’s feel and look based on their preference.

Like us, you will also acknowledge that Vuexy is a beautifully crafted template. Thanks to multiple demos and the light-dark version it offers. Now you can choose one that suits your criteria the best.


3. Octavia Admin Dashboard by UI-Lib

Octavia Admin Dashboard Template

Octavia is another Vue-based admin template that is available in the Vuetify Store. Its navigation options and clean codebase will bring you joy while working. The template has a fully responsive design. So, that means it works on any screen size with similar design quality.

Before Octavia, setting up the layout of your dashboard had never been this outstanding. With the template, you will get some necessary pre-built apps like an event calendar, chat, Scrum board, to-do list, etc. Moreover, Octavia comes with two versions – dark and light modes.

In addition, it has five sign-ins, three sign-up, and three different FAQs. Also, it has more versions of other pages too.


4. Skote – Vue.js Admin Template by Themesbrand

Skote - Vue.js Admin Template

Based on Vue CLI and Vuex components frameworks, Skote is a premium quality admin dashboard. Its well-crafted design can help your project to move faster.

Inside this single theme, there are eight different layout designs, multilanguage support, four dashboards, and three modes (Light, Dark, and RTL). So, you can easily switch to any way you prefer. Build any web application you like, from admin panels to Saas-based interface.

Finally, the Skote provides lifetime updates for free.


5. Paper Dashboard Pro – Vue.js Admin Template by Creative Tim

The Vue Paper dashboard is equipped with two customized plugins, four example pages, and sixteen components. As it is a mobile-first app so, it will help you to monitor your web apps.

Among free Vue.js templates, it is one of the best. With a little effort, you can start creating great dashboards.

The elements that they provide are very beneficial. And works fine with any web app. We loved the soft colors it has with special cards, typography and graphics. No doubt it is ready to be used for your next project.


6. Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro by Creative Tim

Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro

Built with Vue and Bootstrap 4, the Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro is a beautiful resource. Two great things about this product are, first, It is an official version of the Vue.js version of Now UI Dashboard. And secondly, to use this template you just some basic knowledge of Vue, Vue Router, and JS.

The template now contains optimized Vuejs plugins that are hand hand-picked. There are some great transitions and animations available in this dashboard.


7. Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard by Creative Tim

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Similar to the Vue Paper Dashboard, Vue Light Bootstrap also has sixteen components and four pages available. The Vue plugins that are available in this template are highly optimized. And these highly optimized integrated plugins will generate unlimited possibilities for you.

Like a premium template, VLBD has all the things you need. For example, a table list, maps, notifications, searches, etc. 

In addition, the soft & elegant look of this design will provide efficiency at work. 


8. MaterialPro Vuetify Admin by WrapPixel

MaterialPro Vuetify Dashboard

Material Pro Vuetify is an admin dashboard made with Vuetify.js (a Material design framework). One great feature is that it offers 300 mix-and-match components. Also, it supports use cases such as inventory management, SaaS backends, etc.

Created by the WrapPixel, the dashboard has not only two modes, light and dark. But also, it has Adobe XD design files, RTL version, and PSDs.

Furthermore, it contains multiple application designs like chat apps, email, a calendar, etc.


9. Vue White Dashboard – Vue.js Admin Template by Creative Tim

Vue White Dashboard - Vue.js Admin Template

Vue White Dashboard is an open-source admin template made with Vue and Bootstrap 4. It offers 16 individual components and freedom of choice, and combination. So, you can have thousands of possible combinations.

Finally, it’s a fully responsive design with multiple states for colors, styles, hover, and focus for every element.

Try Vue White to create an outstanding UI with Vue White Dashboard.


10. Vuestic Admin – Vue.js Admin Template by Vasili Savitski

Vuestic Admin

Vuestic is an open-source admin dashboard designed by Vasili Savitski. The template provides 20+ UI elements. It has charts, progress bars, form elements, a medium editor, and everything that you need at first to jump-start a project.

In addition, Vuestic Admin has five types of maps including, Bubble Maps and Line Maps.

Epicmax maintains its codebase. 


Wrapping Up

Finally, we’ve managed to gather all the ’10 best vue.js admin templates’. Those are available in online marketplaces or on GitHub. It should be noted that there are various sorts of demands in the developing industry. Therefore, we have created the list with both free and premium vue.js admin templates. So, you can find the best vue.js admin template within your criteria.

About UI-Lib

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