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15 Best React Landing Page Templates in 2024

Are you looking for some of the best React landing pages for your projects? We have you covered. Here, you can find and experience landing page templates built with React.js.

The landing page is a single property, lead capture, or static page that appears when you click on a web page. Demands for landing pages are on fire as more websites and apps are going online every day. So, to get attention, a landing page should be fast, optimized, unique looking, easy to understand, etc. That is why, as a fundamental element of online marketing, React landing pages are much more reliable. It is so because React is the best front-end JavaScript library that exists in the developing industry.

Hence, we’ve carefully picked some of the best landing pages for different niches like SaaS, Crypto Currency, Portfolio, Startup, app, etc.

1. Evelynn – Material UI React SaaS/Product Landing Page

Evelynn - Material UI React SaaS/Product Landing Page

Evelynn is a powerful landing page. Works on SaaS/Products. Made with React Material UI and Create React App, this template is fully responsive and has an excellent code structure. Each of the page sections is in the composition of its jsx and SCSS files. And they are in the SaaS directory and the components are fully organized. Therefore, you can easily customize and reuse it for your next project.

Most importantly, the template has a minimal design feel to it. Make sure to experience Evelynn from the button below.

Demo / Download

2. Landrick – React Landing Page Template

Landrick - React Landing Page Template

If you want a multi-purpose React landing page template that includes almost every category, check out Landrick. It is an enormous template with 18 landing pages, 30 inner pages, a fully responsive layout, and more. Also, the template has free google fonts, a great menu, small devices, a clean & modern design, etc. So, it looks beautiful on any size device and is easily customizable, just as you want it.

Check out Landrick from here.

Demo / Download

3. Luxiren – React Landing Page Collection

Luxiren - React Landing Page Collection

Luxiren is a landing page collection made with React. The template used, React, Material UI, NextJS, and Sketch files included. From commercial purposes to personal portfolios, Luxiren has every type of landing page in this collection. The template got 11 landing pages, 100+ section components, multilanguage support, dark mode, and more features.

So, try this fully responsive & clean-coded template from here.

Demo / Download

4. SuperProps – React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS

SuperProps - React Landing Page Templates with Next JS & Gatsby JS

SuperProps has a good number of templates available in its collection. The template offers more than 22 landing page examples, monorepo support, no JQuery, fast performance, etc. Moreover, it has modern technologies like, React, NextJS, Gatsbyjs, and Styled components. No doubt, with the help of these modern tools, SuperProps delivered some elegant designs that will work perfectly with a broad range of client requirements.

Demo / Download

5. Dorsin – React Landing Page Template

Dorsin - React Landing Page Template

Dorsin is a template with nine different landing pages. Besides, it will work with an app product showcase, personal websites, startups, and even web agencies. Furthermore, you can customize pages with your individual needs.

Other than multiple pages, it offers you a clean codebase, font icons, google fonts, log-in page, etc.
Also, with the help of reusable React components, you will be able to create different apps with common elements.

View the demos and buy from here.

Demo / Download

6. Hiric


Hiric is a fully responsive React landing page template. Similar to Dorsin, Hiric also works with the same categories of projects. The template contains 09 different pages, Google web fonts, unlimited color options, no jQuery dependencies, and a lot more.

View and download Hiric here.

Demo / Download

7. Deoxa


Deoxa template contains more than 06 different home pages, SCSS support, font icons, clean code, modern design, etc. Along with React, the template used Bootstrap 4.5.0. As it gives an excellent UX, it will drag more users towards it. Besides, it has cross-browser optimization too.

Demo / Download

8. FlexiBlocks


FlexiBlocks is a collection of landing page templates made with React and powered by GatsbyJS. It is a multipurpose template that offers lots of options with clean code and faster performance. Not just that, the template collection holds more than what we’ve decided to focus on here.

So, it will be best to check out its details and demos for yourself from the button below. Also, download FlexiBlocks if you’re pleased.

Demo / Download

9. ICO Cryptik – CryptoCurrency & ICO React Landing Page

ICO Cryptik - CryptoCurrency & ICO React Landing Page

Now, this is a unique template specially built for CryptoCurrency and ICO. Along with React, the template comes with Gatsby and Next and Styled Components. ICO Cryptik‘s responsive and clean codebase will make the developer’s life easier. Moreover, the design and UX will create a smooth environment for the visitors.

It contains a complete firebase integration within and, you can deploy more efficiently.

Demo / Download

10. Fastland – React Next JS Landing Page Template

Fastland - React Next JS Landing Page Template

Fastland offers more than 49 ready templates and 110+ unique Blocks. It is a template made with React and NextJS and also comes with a GatsbyJS version. Projects like Startup, SaaS, App & Service match Fastlands design style.
Besides, this used reusable components for building multiple apps with the same elements.

Also, it provides a file management system that is easy and has no JQuery dependency. And last but not least, Fastland provides customizable font & colors.

Demo / Download

11. Mojosa


Mojosa is a modern template powered by Next.js. It is developed without JQuery and used other technologies like ES6+ and Bootstrap 5.0.2.

This template contains more than 27 inner pages, including 404, shopping cart, etc. Also, Mojosa offers RTL support, SEO friendliness, Stripe payments functionality, and more.

Demo / Download

12. Exolot – React Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Exolot - React Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Exolot is a creative React multi-purpose landing page template. That used React, Bootstrap 4, and Sass. Exolot provides 03 varieties of landing pages, animate CSS, fully responsive design, Iconfont’s free icons, and more. With the template, you will have free updates, well documentation, a clean codebase, Retina ready files, smooth animation & scrolling, etc.

Buy or check out this React template from here.

Demo / Download

13. Pagerland – React and Gatsby Landing Page Template

Pagerland - React and Gatsby Landing Page Template

This fast & smooth landing page made with React and Gatsby is called Pagerland. Not only does it support all creative needs, startups, and marketing. But also it offers, Monorepo support, CLI, React Hooks, etc. And, It gives you the option to choose between React or Gatsby based on your requirements.

Demo / Download

14. Omega


Omega is built with React, Gatsby, Next, and Styled components. It is a landing page template that has No JQuery Dependency. Also, it has reusable components to help you create multiple apps easily. The template offers fast performance, dedicated support, more than 14 pages, and more.

Demo / Download

15. Sapp


Sapp provides 06 pre-made demos, cross browsing, Retina Ready, SEO optimization, etc. And, not only that, it is a React Gatsby App landing page based on Bootstrap 4. Also, it contains 16 inner pages, clean code, professional design, etc. You name it, Sapp has it all.

Read details, experience the demos, or buy this template from the link below.

Demo / Download

Final Words

In conclusion, it seems that your quest for React landing page template ends here. And, we have handpicked all of the best templates that are premium and available at affordable prices in the market. As there are variations in demands, so we’ve listed multiple niches of templates. 

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