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Top 10+ VueJS Boilerplates That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

Are you looking for VueJS boilerplates? The best ones are right here. Today, we will be showcasing to you some of the best Vue boilerplates that you should not overlook in 2022.

Boilerplates are an excellent solution to jump-start your project quickly. And, you can keep your focus on the most important aspects. The use of boilerplates in association with reusable common components speeds up development. In many circumstances, it results better and provides more maintainable code.

You can use technologies like Bit to accelerate development. It allows you to “harvest” reusable Vue components from any codebase. After that distribute them with a component collection. It is a great method to increase code reuse (both within and between repos) and improve team cooperation.

To learn more about Boilerplates, their benefits, usability, multiple comparisons, and differences, click HERE.

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VueJS Boilerplates

So, here are our top picks for the best VueJS boilerplates.

1. Vue WordPress

Vue.wordpress is a boilerplate for creating Single Page Applications (SPA) with the WordPress REST API and Vue.js. It is performance-optimized. Moreover, it allows for better SEO with server-side rendered pages and content. It has a SPA-like front-end and manages back-end content with WordPress and the WP Rest API.

Currently, it has 400+ GitHub Stars and 100+ Forks. With the boilerplate, you will find extensive documentation and its front and backend work on the same host. Furthermore, it supports client/server code partitioning, adding Hot Module replacement, libraries like Axios, Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router, and more.


2. Vuesion

For a Progressive Web App (PWA), Vuesion is an amazing option. It is a PWA boilerplate that is ready for production. The boilerplate is very simple to install using npx or npm. Also, it focuses on best practices during the development and production phases. Now, it has 2k GitHub stars, 350+ Forks, and a live Heroku demo.

Vuesion contains features like instant display of UI changes, proper documentation, preserved application state while updating code, and enabling scaffolding. Enables Mock APIs and tests for individual components.


3. Vue Enterprise Boilerplate

Created by Chris Fritz (Vue’s Core team member), this boilerplate is only for enterprise-level applications projects. The boilerplate contains well-defined layers (for larger applications), testing practices, customizability, an in-built generator, proper documentation, support linters & TDD.

Also, it describes the troubleshooting tips for common issues during development. And now, with 7.5k GitHub Stars and 1.3k Forks, the Vue Enterprise Boilerplate is one of the most popular boilerplates for Vuejs on the internet.


4. Nw.js + Vue.CLI

Nw.js is a desktop application framework that uses HTML, CSS, and Java to create applications. It is made with Chromium and Node.js. Install the Vue.cli and add the NW.js dependencies and SDK to your Vue project to build Vue applications. It has 70 GitHub stars and is a Vue application boilerplate for beginners.


5. Vuetify

Vuetify is a tool for making your Vue projects more visually appealing. It has been inactive development since 2016, with more than 34k Github Stars, 6k+ Forks, and generous contributions. Also, It has a large number of Github sponsors. Most importantly it reduces the design effort for Vue projects.


It has features such as proper documentation, supports protected binaries, customizing stylings, and easy customization.

6. Electron Nuxt – Boilerplate

The Electron Nuxt boilerplate enables you to create web-like desktop apps. Applications like Slack, Discord and Microsoft Visual Studio use this feature. Here, you will find features like an auto-updating boilerplate. And, it supports typescript in the rendering process, parallel code compilation, CSS preprocessor, etc. There are different testing supports like unit-testing, end-to-end testing, and a lot more.

The boilerplate currently has 600+ GitHub Stars and 70+ Forks.


7. Electron Vue – Boilerplate

Electron Vue is a free and open-source library for creating cross-platform desktop applications. It creates single-runtime apps with Chromium and Node.js. The application is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

This boilerplate is widely popular and now has almost 15k GitHub starting with 1.6 Forks. It uses Vue CLI for scaffolding, setup starts with a single package.json file, and utilizes ready-made Vue plugins. And, it uses Babili and supports linting using ESLint.


8. Vue Express Mongo Boilerplate

Vue Express Mongo Boilerplate is a full-stack “MEVN” web app boilerplate. It includes user signup and social login with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub.

Moreover, this boilerplate adheres to best practices in security by utilizing OAuth 2, Helmet (which adds secure HTTP headers). Also, it uses Express Validator for input sanitization. It supports a number of remote logging services.


9. Vuexpresso – Vue Boilerplate

Vuexpresso uses GraphQL, Apollo, and GraphiQL UI (an in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL). In addition, you get a fantastic Webpack setup, Vuex, and Vue Router. You will also receive Storybook, which enables interactive development, testing, and sharing of UI components.

There have been no new updates in the last two years. It currently has 400+ GitHub Stars and 70+ Forks.


10. Mevn-CLI – Vue Boilerplate

Mevn-CLI is compatible with the MEVN stack. MEVN is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express.js, VueJS, and Node.js. This boilerplate provides a quick start for MEVN stack-based web apps by installing a local environment automatically. Now, this project has 700+ Github stars and 140+ Forks.

Among some of the essential features, the MEVN stack is built using a set of commands and additional utilities, uses developer-friendly ES6 syntax, creates boilerplate code, and automates repetitive tasks.


11. Vue Skeleton

Vue Skeleton MVP lets you build Vue applications with Vue.js, Vuetify, Vue router, and Vue skeleton. It is written in Javascript and uses the async/await function. It has 450+ Github Stars. Also, a link to a demo application. Importantly, it features include providing a basic template for a quick start.


Wrapping Up

Finally, it appears that your search for essential Vue boilerplates is over. It is hard to pick the correct Vue boilerplate, especially for scaling, future maintenance of the app or website, and customizations. Therefore, you gave you some of the best boilerplates you can rely on. However, make sure to check every detail before choosing one. See if it fulfills your project requirements. With your next Vue-based project, we wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for your time!

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