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Top 12 NodeJS Dashboard Templates You Should Check Out in 2023

The blog you’re about to read is an excellent resource for anyone who’s looking for NodeJS Dashboard Templates. Most developers use Node.js technology while creating Admin Templates for backend processes. And, no doubt, Node.js provides many advantages that make the work of developers a lot easier.

Best NodeJS Dashboard Templates

So, without further ado! Let’s look at our top NodeJS Dashboard Templates recommendations for today.

1. Dashtar – React eCommerce Admin Template

Dashtar - React eCommerce Admin Template

Dashtar is an Admin Template for React eCommerce. It is a template with Rest API connectivity with React.js and TailwindCSS. The template’s backend leverages the MongoDB database with Node.js, Express, and Mongoose for schema validation.

It’s a full MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) project, but you may use it in any way you like or with any admin template for an e-commerce site. Besides, it has many other features like Google Fonts, Images, SEO-friendly, and full responsiveness.

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2. Metordash


Metordash – Modern dashboard has pages that are ready to use. Your backend software will look lovely and elegant thanks to the template’s symmetrical design. Also, it has a clean appearance, along with many more upcoming pre-built features. It functions well on phones, tablets, and all popular web browsers.

Thanks to every page’s full responsiveness and retina readiness, your dashboard will look good on any device. Moreover, it has features like clear code, thorough documentation, tech support, free upgrades, simple customization, Google fonts, cross-browser compatibility, hover effect, and numerous others.

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3. Sing App React Node.js

Sing App

Sing App is a React Bootstrap Admin Template with a Node.js backend. A complete solution with authentication, product management, and many other options. With the Sing App solution, you can work on projects like SAAS, E-Commerce, CMS, etc.

Moreover, it has PostgreSQL to power the database. Here, you find over ten pages, a responsive design, theme support, an eCommerce section, a static and hover sidebar, and more.

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4. NOA – NodeJS Admin & Dashboard Template

NOA - NodeJS Admin & Dashboard Template

Another neat bootstrap admin dashboard template with a Node.js and gulp backend is called NOA. It has different layouts managed by SCSS and auto-generated CSS only. There are Dark & Light Layouts available in the template. Also, you can create any web application, such as an admin panel or a SaaS-based user interface (UI).

Moreover, you can quickly modify the HTML components in any bootstrap admin panel template by converting them to CSS. In addition, it includes several contemporary jQuery plugins, cool colors, a variety of styles, charts, unique tables, a calendar app, and more.

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5. Skote – Node.js Admin & Dashboard Template


Skote is a premium admin dashboard template created with developer-friendly coding using Bootstrap 5, HTML5, JQuery, and NodeJs (EJS – Embedded Javascript Templates). This template also includes Sketch, Figma, and XD files. The template features Dark and Light Layouts, RTL settings, and support for multiple languages.

With Skote, you can create any online application, including Saas, eCommerce, cryptocurrency, CRM, CMS, project management tools, and admin panels. Moreover, it contains more than seven unique Layouts. And you can change these layouts by altering just a few lines of code. 

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6. Light Blue React Node.js

Light Blue React Node.js

Light Blue is a React admin template with Node.js backend and PostgreSQL. Try the Light Blue template if you want to develop E-Commerce apps, CMS, SASS web apps, CRM, etc.

Also, it has 30+ unique pages, an extensive background, eight chart libraries, ready-to-use authentication, Social Login, and Product Management components, among other things. To use the app, all you have to do is deploy it.

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7. Symox – NodeJS Admin & Dashboard Template

Symox - NodeJS Admin & Dashboard Template

Symox is another premium dashboard template with Bootstrap v5.1.3 and Node.js. It has fully developer-friendly code and is easy to customize any layout. The template is clean & minimal and offers Dark, Light layouts and RTL support.

With Symox, you can develop any web application like SaaS-based interface, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, Project management apps, Admin Panels, etc. And it contains a lot of new design widgets with responsiveness on all screens plus seven different Layouts.

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8. Mentor – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template with Node.js

Mentor - Admin Dashboard Template

The Mentor is a lightweight backend admin panel template built using Bootstrap 4 and Node.js. The template includes 90+ pages, over 40 ready-to-use widgets, 9 unique dashboards, and a wide range of backend application elements. It is simple to modify. So, use the icons below to get the demo and details.

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9. Vue Material Template NodeJS

Vue Material Template NodeJS

Vue Material Template is a complete admin dashboard with the Vuetify framework with the Node.js backend and PostgreSQL database. Also, you can deploy the template on any hosting like Amazon AWS, Heroku, etc. It is a great starter kit to build your next web application on top of Vue, Vuetify, Vue Router, Node.js, and PostgreSQL.

Moreover, we constantly release updates. Besides, it offers more features such as Various Charts Libraries, Sass, Vuex inside, CRUD applications, etc.

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10. Admiria – Node Js Admin & Dashboard Template

Admiria - Node Js Admin & Dashboard Template

Admiria Node.js is a responsive admin template with Bootstrap. It has a variety of reusable and beautiful UI elements, widgets, and functions.

There are features like Dark & Light modes, RTL choices, unique pages, clean code, well-documentation, eCommerce pages, flat design, chart libraries, applications, etc. You can create any online application like SaaS interfaces, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, PM apps, and other Admin Panels.

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11. Velzon – Admin & Dashboard Template

Velzon - Admin & Dashboard Template

Velzon is a premium Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template. It is available in many different versions with various technologies. So, make sure to check out. It has seven demos, six dashboards, over eleven apps, and five different layouts. 

Also, it has 150+ pages, 40+ components, 30+ charts, 30+ widgets, dark, light, and RTL modes, and other options to help you create a new project. You can use it for projects like Analytics, CRM, Ecommerce, Crypto, Project management, support, NFT marketplace, etc.

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12. Argon Dashboard Node.js

Argon Dashboard Node.js

Argon Dashboard Node includes approximately 100 different components from which to choose and combine. All elements and components can have color variations, which you can easily change with SASS files.

The Dashboard provides prebuilt samples, making the building process effortless. Switching from their pages to an actual website is also quite simple. Every element has many different states.

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