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Top 15 Best Free React Admin Templates 2022

Are you looking for some of the best free React admin dashboard templates? Look! In this blog, we are giving you a list of the top 15 of them from 2022.

Admin dashboards are beneficial to any business. With a React dashboard, you can easily see how your firm is performing. For example, you can simply monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time. Moreover, it will guide you in developing your business without wasting time.

These new free templates have the power to set up your dashboard. With all the essentials. So, do not waste your time making your own; instead, check out these free ones and get started on your next outstanding application.

Best Free React Admin Templates

Please keep in mind, that the list below is in no particular order.

1. MatX React Dashboard Pro

MatX Free React Admin Dashboard Template

MatX is a superb admin dashboard with React, Redux & Material UI. If you want to have a completely unique feature full of admin templates, MatX is your go-to one. To start a modern web app you will be needing material UI components, form elements, validation, JWT authentication, Sign Up, Sign In Pages, and a lot more. Luckily, this template has it all. Even this free version of MatX can offer you multiple possibilities. Therefore, you can create any kind of web app.

The template is ideal for admin panels, management systems, project management, CMS, CRM, and other similar applications. Also, it’s a great choice for mobile application backends as it is a highly responsive template. It has a simple look, yet it never fails to deliver a highly optimized template for high-performance apps. Some of its key characteristics are as follows:

  • Dashboard
  • JWT authentication
  • Material UI components
  • Basic form
  • Vertical navigation
  • Lazy Loading
  • Code Splitting
  • SASS integration
  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Google Map
  • Drag and Drop
  • Multilevel menu

However, if you want to unlock even more amazing features and customization options, check out the Pro Version.

Get It Here GitHub Pro Version

2. Mosaic Lite

Mosaic Lite

Mosaic Lite is a free dashboard template with React and TailwindCSS. It includes various pre-coded charts/graphs with Chart.js 3. And, it’s an excellent starting point for anyone looking to construct a user interface for SaaS products, modern web apps, and other applications.

The template contains the eCommerce backend, analytics, campaigns, team, settings, and a lot more other useful sections. Make sure to check out.

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3. Material Kit React

Material Kit React

Devias Kit is a conscientious material design admin dashboard template for React developers. It used Google Material Design for possible interactions, responsive layout grids, Shaping hierarchy, and more. The template comes with intuitive catalogs and files. Thus, you’ll have everything you need to begin with. There are great panels with unique buttons and an additional fullscreen switch.

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4. Shards – Dashboard Lite React

Shards Dashboard

Shards is a free React admin dashboard template. The template has a modern look and a plethora of custom templates and components. It has a simple yet stylish and minimal design that is suitable for any purpose. 

To give a robust structure for your admin dashboard, it has Bootstrap with create-react-app. Shards make use of the Flux architecture, allowing you to create amazing client-side web apps.

Also, it is a completely responsive admin template. As a result, it will be capable of adapting and reflowing layout to any screen device. It also employs modern development best practices.

Get It Here GitHub

5. ArchitectUI – Free React Admin Template

ArchitectUI Free React Admin Template

ArchitectUI is a useful and open-source admin template with create-react-app, Bootstrap 5, and Webpack. It has a Pro version available that opens a more unique set of opportunities for you. The template contains more than 9 dashboard styles, over 150 components, and more than 200 layout/color options. Thus, you will have enough elements, widgets, and components to cover a wide range of personal projects or app cases.

Furthermore, it employs a variety of color schemes to allow you to personalize the sidebar, header, footer, and main text. Each theme comes with more than ten predefined color schemes, giving you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a color scheme. It also functions and looks beautiful on every screen size because it is retina-ready.

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6. Material Dashboard React 2

Material Dashboard React 2

Material Dashboard React 2 is a free admin template by Creative Tim. It has a brand-new design that was influenced by Google’s Material Design. It also includes 30 components, 2 bespoke plugins, and 7 example pages that are ready to satisfy the needs of your app.

Material effects, animations, ripples, and transitions are included in the template. It also includes 5 color filter options for the sidebar and card headers. It also allows you to modify the background image in the sidebar if necessary.

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7. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap React is a fantastic resource for you. It is a lovely and simple React Bootstrap admin dashboard template. And, it is a wonderful representation of great solutions to your business’s needs. There are over 30 superb components, 3 bespoke plugins, and 7 example pages.

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8. Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard

Crystal React Bootstrap Dashboard is a stunning, multi-purpose admin dashboard for React, Redux, and Bootstrap. It includes a large number of simple and easy-to-use React components. Importantly, you can use the template to create a variety of dashboards, including health, employee, and company dashboards.

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9. Xtreme React Admin Lite

Xtreme React Admin Lite

Obtaining excellent, free React templates is a great joy. React naturally gives you fantastic features for creating outstanding interactive UIs. In that case, this template is no exception. It is a nice template that uses the most recent Reactstrap version. The template contains over ten UI components, seven or more page templates, different plugins, ready-to-use widgets, and over 100 font icons. It is also incredibly simple to customize.

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10. Tabler React


Tabler React Bootstrap is a free admin dashboard template with a ton of custom components. Using React templates for your dashboard, you’ll have a powerful tool to depend upon.

Apart from components, it also has minimalist and clean widgets and elements. Specifically, it has cards, charts, pricing cards, maps, icons, forms, pages, and a gallery. Moreover, the live pages include profile, login, register, forgot password, email, RTL, and more.

Get It Here GitHub

11. ReactJS Director Admin

ReactJS Director Admin

ReactJS Director Admin is a fantastic solution that will keep you at the top without having to start from scratch. When you have access to the necessary tools, you can quickly begin constructing an admin panel for your application or website. That’s quite cool, isn’t it?

It has it all, and then some, from a gorgeous design to a plethora of functionality. Moreover, the template contains a plethora of important parts and components that ensure an admin’s speedy realization.

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12. Themesberg – Volt

Themesberg volt

Volt React is an admin dashboard template designed using React.js components, react hooks, and a data-driven structure that can get your app up and running quickly.

Here, you can easily use the existing props to change the color, size, or characteristics of the elements. Furthermore, the elements are based on the most recent version of Bootstrap 5, the world’s most popular CSS framework.

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13. Notus

notus creative tim

Notus is a free React template that includes a full-fledged UI kit. You can accomplish both with this resourceful front- and back-end solution. Also, it employs a modernistic design aesthetic that provides a nice ambiance. Furthermore, the layout is completely fluid, instantly adapting to varied screen sizes.

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14. Minimal Kit React

minimal kit react

This minimal material dashboard is created with React Material UI. They have over 100 components that you can utilize across your application. Therefore, it will most definitely save you time when you are just starting with the project.

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15. CoreUI

CoreUI React JS Free Admin Template

CoreUI is an excellent choice for your admin dashboard. It is a free and open-source React and Bootstrap 4 template. It also includes over 50 ready-to-use and customizable UI components.

The template includes handy components like buttons, editors, forms, charts, icons, maps, tables, widgets, etc. Also, it is entirely compatible with FontAwesome icon packs, giving you complete control over how your dashboard looks.

Get It Here GitHub

Wrapping Up

Finally, it seems that your search for the best free React admin templates has come to an end. Choose the premium versions of the same templates if you require a broader range of features. All of them feature high-quality code and lifetime updates. Also, these unlock all of the premium UI kits, components, and elements that may be customized.

Thank you for reading.

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