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10+ Best Django Admin Templates in 2023

Are you looking for some of the best Django admin templates for your web project’s backend? This is the place to look for them! In this blog post, we will highlight some of the most significant Django admin templates that you should look at in 2023.

What is Django?

Django is an open-source Python framework that allows for the faster creation of secure and dependable websites’ backend. In comparison to other backend web frameworks, Django is easy to learn. It takes care of a lot of the headaches associated with web development. Most significantly, it enables developers to concentrate solely on the creation of your program without having to worry about the rest.

Top Django Admin Dashboard Templates

And, now without further ado! Let’s get right on the list and discover which ones are most appropriate for your upcoming Django project.

1. Skote – HTML & Django Admin Dashboard Template


Skote is a premium Python Django admin dashboard template with developer-friendly code, seven alternative styles, and multi-language support. The template also includes Sketch, Figma, and XD files.

Moreover, it is a stunning, clean, and basic admin template with Dark, Light, and RTL choices. You can create any web application, such as a SaaS-based interface, eCommerce, Crypto, CRM, CMS, project management apps, Admin Panels, etc.

Details / Download Live Preview

2. Black Dashboard Django (Free)

Black Dashboard Django (Free)

Black Dashboard Django is a feature-rich free admin dashboard design with over 16 separate components and plenty of color possibilities. The SASS files allow you to edit thousands of possible combinations. Going from prototype to fully functional code will save you significant time.  It comes in two forms: Dark Mode and Light Mode.

Try the Black Dashboard if you need a solution to organize and view data about your business. It blends eye-catching colors, large cards, text, and images. Moreover, it includes all the plugins you might need within a project and documentation on how to get started.

Details / Download Live Preview

3. Dason – Django Admin & Dashboard Template

Dason - Django Admin & Dashboard Template

Dason is a Python Django admin template with Bootstrap 5. It has multi-language support and a developer-friendly code base. Also, there’s a starter kit available to help you launch your project quickly.

Seven different layouts with RTL compatibility are available, along with dark and light settings. Any web application can be made, including admin panels, project management software, eCommerce, CRM, and SaaS-based interfaces. Your team will work more quickly and spend less time and money on development.

Details / Download Live Preview

4. Sash – Django Admin & Dashboard Template

Sash – Django Admin & Dashboard Template

Sash Django is another premium admin template with comprehensive documentation, a code base, and a plethora of functionality. To construct a well-structured dashboard, you must start fresh with this Django admin template and a lot of coding, but with the template, you can modify your dashboard quickly and easily. And, to satisfy the clients, they build their templates with great detail.

Some of its features include Bootstrap 5, LTR, RTL, multi-language support, two types of menus, 50+ plugins, six types of charts, ten types of icons, an invoice page, and more.

Details / Download Live Preview

5. SB Admin Lite – Django Template (Free)

SB Admin Template Free

SB Admin Lite is an open-source Django dashboard template with minimum features but is highly functional. The template offers a simple dashboard with various parts, layouts, authentication and error pages, charts, and tables. You can download and use it without a penny to learn more about Django-based admin dashboards.

Details / Download Live Preview

6. Dayone – Django Admin & Dashboard Template


Dayone is an SCSS & CSS admin dashboard template with Django Bootstrap 5. It has more than 70 plugins. Plus, seven pre-built Dashboard templates are available. There are admin and super admin settings pages too. It comes in light and dark modes, and the design is responsive. It is simple to personalize and make your own.

Details / Download Live Preview

7. Zenix – Crypto Django Admin Dashboard

Zenix - Crypto Django Admin Dashboard

Zenix is a Crypto-based Bootstrap 5, Python Django admin template that comes with a ton of features. It contains over 60 HTML pages, 8+ demos, 6+ menu styles, various color skins, light & dark themes, SEO optimized, blazingly fast performance, cross-browser compatibility, flexible layouts, and so on. Make sure to check out Zenix and create your dream Crypto admin project.

Details / Download Live Preview

8. Veltrix – Django Admin & Dashboard Template


Veltrix is a simple and minimalist Django admin template with 12 different layouts, Bootstrap 5, Dark and Light modes, and RTL support. You can build online applications using the template, such as SaaS interfaces, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, project management tools, and admin panels. Furthermore, it will accelerate teamwork and reduce time and expense spent on development.

Details / Download Live Preview

9. NOA – Django Admin & Dashboard Template


NOA is a Django Bootstrap 5 admin template with a modern and clean look. It has Light and Dark modes, widgets, charts, several layouts, over 50 plugins, Google fonts, varied icons, two menu styles, and more features. You can create any form of Django web admin program, such as a SaaS-based Django User interface (UI). You may also use it to create admin panels.

Details / Download Live Preview

10. Mophy – Payment Django Admin Dashboard Template

Mophy - Payment Django Admin Dashboard Template

The Morphy Payment Admin Dashboard version is built using Python Django, Bootstrap, CSS3, & Sass. It offers ready Django functionalities like user module, group module, permissions, password reset, and login/register. Also, it is a major browser-compatible template with a responsive design.

And the template offers some more amazing features such as Owl Carousel, Mobile Nav, Font Awesome, 60+ inner pages, magnific popup, ready shop pages, charts, widgets, retina ready, flaticon, W3C validator, etc.

Details / Download Live Preview

11. Davur – Restaurant Django Admin Dashboard + FrontEnd

Davur - Restaurant Django Admin Dashboard + FrontEnd

Morphy, the previously mentioned admin template, is comparable to Davur. It includes everything from the earlier admin template. And it is a Restaurant admin dashboard template with Front-End and Django features.

The template holds features like multiple dashboard layouts, fully functional pages, front-end pages, inner pages, W3C validator, Owl Carousel, Mobile Nav, Font Awesome, 60+ inner pages, magnific popup, ready store pages, charts, widgets, retina ready, flaticon, and so on.

Details / Download Live Preview

Wrapping Up

There is currently a multitude of Django admin templates available in the marketplace. Because it is new and modern, it will be in high demand sooner or later. We’ve created a list of some of the available Django admin templates so you don’t have to look everywhere. We hope you enjoy this collection.

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