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15+ Best NextJS Templates For Your Web App in 2022

If you want to avoid making a project from scratch yet want to have a blazingly fast spectacular outcome, NextJS templates are here for you. In this blog, we have carefully selected all high-quality NextJS templates for your web app project.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of pages, layouts, and other reusable components. These will help you to start working on other essential things quickly. If you want, you can stick to the default settings. However, you may also go above and beyond to make changes to fulfill your choice and requirements.

Every Nextjs template is completely customizable. So, you know it’ll work for your project. And, we already know about NextJS’s recent popularity which fits well with all the trending technologies.

Biponi – Next.js Ecommerce CMS (Full Software)

biponi nextjs ecommerce cms

Biponi is a Next.js eCommerce CMS with a lot of functionality. It is a complete solution for those who are looking for a Client Management System for your dream eCommerce company. Your clients will most likely have a nice shopping experience. Moreover, you can easily install it for free on Vercel or Heroku.

Some of its essential features are:

  • Next.js server-side rendering
  • Responsive design
  • Payment gateway
  • Cash on delivery
  • Admin dashboard
  • User dashboard
  • MongoDB
  • Easy installation process
  • 1 click demo import
  • Easy product and order management
  • User management
  • Smooth checkout experience
  • Priority support

Demo / Download

Bazar Pro – Multipurpose React Nextjs eCommerce Template

bazar Pro React Nextjs eCommerce Template

Bazar Pro is a professional, mobile-friendly, and server-side rendered versatile eCommerce template. Without a doubt, Bazar Pro Multipurpose eCommerce is the ideal option for your business. For starters, it has a neat and well-organized codebase. Second, it can provide a simple-to-set-up interface.

As a result, you’ll find it easy to comprehend the framework. Also, it has Material, UI which is a popular React User Interface library. With Bazar Pro Multipurpose eCommerce, you may create your online store.

Powerful Features

  • Multiple home pages
  • Optimized for mobile & performance
  • User account dashboard
  • Admin/vendor dashboard
  • Multi-vendor pages
  • Responsive design
  • Lazy image loading

and more.

Demo / Download

Bonik – React Next JS Multipurpose eCommerce Template

Bonik React Next JS Multipurpose eCommerce Template

For your online store, the Bonik React Multipurpose eCommerce Template may be the perfect option. To begin with, the template is designed to provide speedier performance, excellent code quality, and SEO-friendly. Second, to improve performance, we have used ‘Styled Components’ and made ‘Custom Components.’

The ‘Styled Component’ allows you to easily change the look of the entire website. This template also includes four different shop demos and a variety of inner pages,  user accounts, and multi-vendor support.

Powerful Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Server Side Rendered
  • Optimized for Mobile & Blazing Fast
  • Multi-Vendor support
  • Clean Code
  • Well Documented
  • Admin & Customer Dashboard
  • Figma Ready
  • Dedicated Support, etc.

Demo / Download

Neemo SEO Marketing & IT Agency React NextJS Template


Neemo will undoubtedly contain essential information for creating an SEO and IT agency website. Neemo’s primary features include elegance and resourcefulness.

Neemo can work with all modern devices, web browsers, SEO, and load quickly. Also, It contains two different home pages, each with a different number of internal pages. The template has everything for a jump-start.

Demo / Download

Tuam – Office Space & Property Rental React Nextjs Template


Tuam is an amazing template for office space, renting, etc. If you’re beginning a new project, make sure you have enough web space to promote it. The template allows you to construct it without having to start from scratch. The template handles the majority of the work for you.

So, you can only concentrate on branding and personalizing it while leaving everything else alone. The website design already has a high wow factor, which saves you a lot of time and effort. There are several demos so that you can choose by your requirements. Most importantly, the template follows all the latest trends and regulations. Therefore, you can ensure a high-performing web app.

Demo / Download

Haiper – Banking Finance & Payment Solutions


Haiper is a non-admin online banking and payment template. If you will call it specialty web design. If you need a visually appealing website for the financial industry, you can go with Haiper. It has a slew of fantastic features and functionality. Also, there are four distinct home pages with a slew of other inner layouts. Moreover, the elements are also fully changeable. So, you can boundlessly create a strong website.

Furthermore, there are Font Awesome icons, Google fonts, a back-to-top button, animations, and other special effects. Last but not least, its eye-catching design will grab everyone’s attention right away. Thanks to Haiper, you’ll be able to enter the industry with a bang.

Demo / Download

Taiker – React Next IT Startup & SEO Agency Template

Taiker React nextjs it startups & seo agency template

Taiker is an excellent tool for any agency or company. It comes with nine and counting demos, all of which are eye-catching and useful. You can use the template as a landing page, as well as for promoting programs and products. Like the other Nextjs templates on our list, it is compatible with all major devices and web browsers, making it easy to use and lightweight.

The entire process of modifying Taiker is also a snap. Moreover, it includes a variety of internal page layouts, animations, a sticky header, a team area, video support, a store page, and pricing. It even has an RTL version and Stripe. With frequent upgrades, you can expect even more features to become available for you to use.

Demo / Download

TripFinder – Hotel Listing Template

TripFinder - Hotel Listing Template

TripFinder is a React NextJS listing website template for Hotels. It works with all types of accommodation providers. To simplify, TripFinder is the finest option for you to create a hotel directory website. Moreover, the template includes everything from the main page to internal page layouts. And, because of its light experience, you can quickly adapt to its nature. Also, the multiple options will give you the freedom to customize and choose from the existing layouts.

Furthermore, you may utilize the search tool with Google maps, map markers, user profiles, sticky navigation, etc. Finally, to ensure a flawless sailing experience, you can also contact their support service and review the manuals.

Demo / Download

Inst – Template for Admin Panel with GraphQL

React NextJS Template for Admin Panel with GraphQL

Inst is a Nextjs template with a creative design. It can appeal to a wide range of users. You can have a seamless experience with its optimization strength with cutting-edge technologies. The template also has a dark and light mode, and other essential features.

Moreover, its structures are responsive, and it works flawlessly on any device. There are charts, calendars, to-do lists, Firebase CRUD, shop pages, and many more. If you are a beginner developer, the template and all the facilities that come with it will help you achieve fantastic outcomes.

Demo / Download

Crema – React NextJS Admin Template

Crema React NextJS Admin Template

With Crema React NextJS, you can easily create an admin panel and run it without hassle. You can have it all set and ready to rock and roll quickly with so many layouts, elements, and components at your disposal. The template provides you with ten navigation layouts, five apps, multiple color combinations, and many more.

Also, the template handles CRM, crypto, and analytics with different dashboards. Moreover, you’ll have three color options to choose from. It also works with a wide range of languages, including RTL. When you work with Crema, you can expect a quick turnaround that will move mountains. It is also available with MUI and Ant Design.

Demo / Download

Jumpx – AI & IT Startup Template

Jumpx - AI & IT Startup template

Jumpx is a Nextjs template for marketing firms and startups. To be very honest with you, after you change the layout, you can use Jumpx for something completely new. You get a set of five beginning demonstrations, including an RTL layout, as well as a slew of other features and benefits.

Jump-start your project using Jumpx today and see results right away. That’s to be expected from a tool as versatile and resourceful as this template. But first, take a look at the live preview demo to see all of the features and settings included in the bundle.

Demo / Download

Bariton – NextJS Admin Template

Bariton - NextJS Admin Template

Not every Nextjs tool on this list is an admin template. For the admin panel template, Bariton is a good option. It can help you create an online presence for an IT or machine learning project. Also, the template contains a stylish home page and a variety of inner page layouts. Moreover, it includes a page for your upcoming events.

The template ensures a smooth execution thanks to the excellent documentation. There you will find smooth transitions, back-to-top buttons, floating menus, testimonials, and more. Also, you can even establish a blog and implement a content marketing plan to help your company develop exponentially.

Demo / Download

Appion Landing Page Template


Appion assists you in the creation of an effective landing page website. You should not miss the fantastic template if you want to organize things on the web. Especially for generating a good campaign. When working with Appion, any web developer will have a blast because the procedure will be a snap. There will be no more hard lifting or laborious jobs. Instead, delegate the heavy lifting to Appion while you concentrate on the final touches.

The bundle includes a variety of pre-made materials that you can mix and match. You’ll have no trouble tweaking this sleek and innovative Nextjs template to meet your exact specifications. Appion features a pixel-perfect design that adheres to current SEO best practices, as well as several reusable components and complete flexibility.

Demo / Download



Pungent is another cool template with W3-valid source code. It has extensive documentation. it is easily customizable. If you face any issues regarding the template you can take help from its support team. Moreover, it includes special portfolio demos for Creative Agencies, SEO Marketing Agencies, Business Agencies, and more.

Demo / Download

Raxr – Data Science & AI Analytics


Raxr is a great React NextJS template for Data Science and Big Data Analytics startups. It’s for people and companies who wish to share their data-centric apps and services projects on the internet. It’s also appropriate for IT solution providers, software services, and other similar businesses. It has RTL support, a Dynamic Contact Form, and more.

Demo / Download

Shoponix – Nextjs eCommerce

Shoponix React nextjs eCommerce store

Shoponix is a Nextjs eCommerce store template. It offers a full-featured admin panel in addition to the front-end for your convenience. You can easily mix and match the materials offered and have a finished product ready to roll out sooner rather than later. You can, of course, add your personal touch if you want to.

Stripe payment integration, six demos, Bootstrap, login, pagination, and more are just a few of Shoponix’s outstanding features. It’s also search engine friendly, light, and retina-ready. The tool’s code is well-commented for easy editing and customization. Fast and helpful support is also available to help you build your project even more smoothly.

Demo / Download

Wrapping Up

Your search for the top Nextjs Templates is now complete. These templates include functionality that would take a programmer a long time to create on their own. We also understand that creating a beautiful landing page with an excellent user experience, SEO friendliness, and cutting-edge technology takes a significant amount of time and effort. As a result, we hope that they will help you or your client grow their business.

Thank you for visiting UI-Lib and reading this article! We appreciate it! 

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