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15 Nextjs Boilerplates You Need To Check Out In 2022

Are you looking for Nextjs boilerplates? look no further! All the essential nextjs boilerplates are here. In this blog, we will be looking at the top 15 Nextjs boilerplates you need to check out in 2022.

top Nextjs boilerplates

Boilerplates are open-source reusable codes for building different components. In programming, the term boilerplate has nothing to do with a boiler or plates. Rather, they are particular sections of code that repeat in various places with little to no changes. Thus, they save developers a ton of time and effort by writing a huge amount of code for different sections. And, if you want to save your time and money on a development project then be sure to explore boilerplates or boilerplate templates.

Now, let’s scroll down and find out some of the popular Nextjs boilerplates that are available in the open-source spaces.

Top Nextjs Boilerplates for 2022

Please remember, the list below is in no particular order. And, all of them have both pros & cons.

1. React Nextjs Boilerplate

The React Next boilerplate is a foundation for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS. It has got the best development practices and popular developer libraries. Currently, the template has 12 contributors and over 200 GitHub stars.


2. Crystallize Nextjs Boilerplate

Crystallize is a fully-featured Nextjs / React eCommerce Boilerplate. To create high-converting online stores, combine rich marketing content with product information. JAMStack edge page generation is fully optimized for performance. They also have some more open-source storefronts that you can explore. Make sure to check out. Create eCommerce experiences that are rich in content. Content modeling freedom lays the groundwork for a successful content strategy.


3. Next Simple Starter

Nextjs 12 is the most updated version of Nextjs, so far. And guess what! Next Simple Starter is an open-source, simple, and accessible PWA boilerplate with Nextjs and also Material UI (MUI). PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. Web applications that are built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are called PWA. Thus, Next Simple Starter will simply bolster your PWA-based projects.


4. Next Right Now Boilerplate

The first is the boilerplate “Next Right Now.” It’s a ready-to-use boilerplate based on the Next.js framework. And this boilerplate includes a variety of presets that we can use to meet our needs, as well as the ability to add our customizations.


5. RAN – Boilerplate

The RAN boilerplate, also known as React GraphQL and Next.js Toolkit, is a popular boilerplate with features such as hot-reloading for development, SEO readiness, performance first, ES6, CSS-in-JS, and eslint and prettier integration. Also, it comes with a command-line interface for quickly creating new pages.


6. Hasura Nextjs Boilerplate

Nextjs Hasura boilerplate is a simple boilerplate for building apps with Hasura & Nextjs. The template currently has 200 GitHub stars. And, six contributors shaped this project. The most important factor is that Hasura is very lightweight and provides you with instant realtime GraphQL APIs on a Postgres database. Thus, the combination of Hasura and Nextjs will have a big positive impact on your application.


7. Next.js Starter Boilerplate

The Next.js Starter boilerplate is a starter app for building web apps with Express, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Reactstrap (Boostrap 4 for React), and the Ionicons icon set. Moreover, it has features like OAuth and Passport authentication, secure sessions with cookies and CSRF tokens, route handling, and more. Also, it focuses on providing all of the basic but necessary functionalities so that business logic can be added directly. Although the repository has been designated as an archive, it remains a useful boilerplate for beginners.


8. Next Blog Firestore Boilerplate

The Next Blog Firestore boilerplate is a template for creating blogs. Next.js is used for Server-Side Rendering (SSR), and the Firebase Firestore API is used to store and retrieve data. It also has a custom content management system (CMS) built with React, Mobx State Tree, and Styled Components that allows users to add, update, and delete content. Multi-language support, multi-author support, posts by tags and categories, featured posts, SEO, and integrated eslint and prettier are all included in the boilerplate.


9. Next.js Redux Starter Boilerplate

The Next.js Redux Starter boilerplate is designed for creating more complex applications. It uses Redux to manage the state of the application, as well as Express and next-routes for dynamic routing, Styled Components for styling, and react-testing-library and lining for integrated unit testing.


10. Nextron – Electon & Nextjs Boilerplate

With just basic knowledge of the web, Nextron boilerplate sets you up for creating amazing desktop apps. The boilerplate takes advantage of both Nextjs and Electon to do so. And, if you want to create a beautiful desktop application make sure to go to this link below. You’ll find some beautiful examples there.


11. Next – Nextjs Boilerplate

The Next boilerplate helps you create a well-structured Next.js and TypeScript app. Due to the components and tools included in this, such as Next.js, TypeScript, Redux, Express.js, SASS/SCSS, Reverse Proxy, Babel, Eslint, and others, it provides a lot of features. Also, it comes with a built-in CLI tool to make creating new components easier. And, supports Docker for running our app in containers.


12. Nextjs MongoDB App Boilerplate

The Next.js MongoDB App boilerplate allows you to create full-featured serverless applications with Next.js and MongoDB.  Authentication with passportjs, sessions, middlewares, and other features are also supported. Make sure to experience the boilerplate.


13. KNESTS Boilerplate

KNESTS includes a lot of technologies and features. For example, Docker / NodeJS/ Typescript / GraphQL / React / Material-UI, etc. It is a full-stack boilerplate. And, to use this boilerplate for running your application with Docker will be very easy.


14. Devii Boilerplate

Devii boilerplate is for creating a developer blog with all the coolest and minimalistic features inspired by Medium design. It includes a Markdown-based static site generator, hot reloading, automatic RSS feed generation, SEO, Google Analytics, Github-style formatting, and the ability to add new features. From a developer standpoint, this is definitely for you if you’re looking for a simple blogging website with markdown support.


15. Rescript Nextjs Template

This is an opinionated boilerplate for Nextjs, TailwindCSS, and ReScript projects. The template currently has over GitHub 300 stars and is licensed under Apache 2.0. And, all of the information you might need about this template is available at the GitHub link provided below. Make sure to check it out.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, we would like to say that, all of these boilerplates have some pros and cons. You can not say like ‘this or that is the best boilerplate’. Each of them has different purposes and works in different situations. So, be sure to find the perfect match with your project requirements. Thank you for reading.

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