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Best Angular Landing Page Template

A landing page is a lead-capture page that visitors land after clicking on a search result that has been optimized for search engines. It is for internet advertisement, marketing promotion, or marketing email. So, if you’re an Angular developer and need an Angular landing page template to quickly get your business initials done. This is where you will get the best ones easily.

In this blog, we will be showcasing to you ten of the best Angular Landing Page Templates that are both best-selling and most updated. So, without further ado! Let’s begin.

Best Angular Landing Page Templates

Note: Please keep in mind that the list below is in no particular order. You can happily choose between any of these templates you find useful.

1. Evelynn

Evelynn - Material Design Angular App Landing Page

Evelynn is a landing page template written entirely in Angular and Typescript. It has a simple design and feels to it. Each page section is made up of HTML, SCSS, and TypeScript files that are organized in their directory. As a result, it’s simple to modify and reuse.

Furthermore, it gives you control over customization. It also has a strong code structure, a powerful flex layout, an angular material design, and multiple homepages and inner pages. You can receive an unlimited number of future updates on your purchases. Keep an eye on the update process and changes by accessing the git repository. Submit issues to receive better support and request new features.

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2. Appo – Angular App Landing Page

Appo - Angular App Landing Page

If you’re looking for a fresh Angular Landing Page Template, check out Appo. The Appo landing page template is a modern-looking Angular template with a 100% responsive and mobile-friendly design.

Besides, there will be over nine homepage variations, more than 26 inner pages, an easy customization option, Bootstrap (latest version), cross-browser compatibility, clean & well-documented code, support & free updates. You name it! The template has it all.

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3. Kilian – Angular 14 Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Kilian - Angular 14 Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Kilian is another good option for developers who are looking for a landing page template with Angular 14 and Bootstrap 5.2.0. It comes with more than 8+ niches, 23+ pages, super fast, powerful & lightweight, owl carousel, ES6+, RTL versions, and multi-language support (Arabic & Hebrew).

So, this is a multi-niche landing page template with Angular, Bootstrap, and Sass. With the template, you’ll get top-notch support from its author team, plus a lifetime free update option. And, some of its landing page variations focus on Startup agencies, Software, books, Payment Processing, apps, SaaS, etc.

As a developer, you’ll be needing less time to integrate it with your project’s backend. So, your client or you can quickly start with the main business.

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4. Avurn – Angular 14 Multipurpose Landing Page Collections

Avurn - Angular 14 Multipurpose Landing Page Collections

Avurn is a Landing Page Template with Angular 14, TypeScript, Sass & Bootstrap 5.2.0. It is a creative, responsive template with more than 20 demos, Retina-Ready, RTL versions, and multi-language support.

Moreover, the template mainly focuses on the business niche like Digital Agencies, IT startups, Portfolios for Agencies, App Landing, Product Landing, Web App Landing, etc.

With Avurn, you’ll have easy customization options, smooth transition effects, ES6+, professional coding, well-documentation, technical support, free updates, and more.

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5. Chatloop – Angular 14 App Landing Page

Chatloop - Angular 14 App Landing Page

Angular App Landing Template Chatloop Landing Page Bootstrap is used to create a modern, clean design. It is an excellent Angular Template that is ideal for any App landing page and looks great at any size, whether it is a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile, or Tablets.

It also has a purpose-oriented design, a responsive layout, and unique features with easy customization. And it includes everything you need to get your site up and running in the next few hours!

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6. Appia

Appia - Angular App Landing Page

Appia is a landing page template for an Angular 11 app. It is a responsive design that adapts to any device and improves the presentation of your app or product.

Furthermore, the template is visually appealing and includes six homepage variations, 20+ inner pages, an easy customization option, cross-browser compatibility, W3C 100% validated code, Google Fonts, and smooth transition effects.

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7. Xavro – Angular 14 Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Xavro – A responsive Angular landing page template using Bootstrap and Sass. It is compatible with all screens and gadgets, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

You’ll receive more than 13 demos with the template for IT startups, agency portfolios, consulting, app landings, etc. In addition to many other features, it supports RTL, is lightweight, clean, and contains W3-valid source code.

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8. Euzan – Angular Multipurpose Landing Page Template


Euzan – A responsive modern Angular template with Bootstrap, TypeScript, and Sass for landing pages and whole business websites. The template provides six or more homepage design options with blog and blog information pages. It is for websites for digital agencies, SaaS products, mobile applications, portfolios, etc.

The Euzan has W3-valid source code and is quick, multi-language support, lightweight, clean, and developer-friendly. Also, it offers thorough documentation and is easily extensible.

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9. Tovo – Angular 14 App Landing Page


Tovo Landing Page is another Angular app landing page from Themeforest. It has a clean, modern feel with Bootstrap. Also, it is an excellent Angular template that works well for all types of app landing pages.

Whether seen on a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android mobile, or tablet, the template is gorgeous in all sizes. It has a purpose-driven design, a responsive layout, and unique features. Everything you require to start your website in the upcoming hours is available here.

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10. Levi – Angular Real Estate Mortgage Landing Page


Levi is a modern responsive HTML landing page template for real estate and mortgage websites. The template supports RTL. As a result, using Arabic and Hebrew language-based websites will be quicker and easier for you.

Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, and Sass were used to create the template. It is a premium template fully compatible with all mobile, tablet, notebook, and desktop devices.

Also, it includes 6+ demo variations, a working contact form, well-commented source code, and detailed documentation. These features will aid in template usage and customization based on the ultimate requirements.

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