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30 Nextjs Extensions For Faster Development in 2022

A JavaScript framework extension is a piece of pre-coded program that enhances or extends the framework’s capabilities. An extension adds new features to an existing standalone framework. These extensions themselves are not independently functional. They need a framework with which they can work. And, it is to give you a faster development experience. Similarly, adding or installing a Nextjs extension will help you finish your project faster. It will relieve you of the burden of creating new functionalities for the project from scratch.

Various functionality-based extensions are available on both the Visual Studio Code Marketplace and GitHub. However, it is time-consuming to search the marketplace or Github for something you are unaware of. For that reason, we have carefully curated this collection. It is to provide you with some of the best Nextjs Extensions that you’ll be happy to know about.

Nextjs Extensions

So, next time when you start a Nextjs project, take a look at these extensions that could end up saving you days of hard work.

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NextJS Extensions

The list we’re about to show you is in no particular order.

1. Universal Language Detector β€” Nextjs Extension

This extension works as a universal language detector for both browser and server. On the server-side, this will rely on “cookies > accept-language header”. On the other hand, on the browser side, it will rely on “cookies > navigator settings”.

Note: This library can only help you resolve the language (frenes, etc.), not the locale (fr-FRen-US, etc.)

GitHub Demo

2. Next Routes β€” Nextjs Extension

Next Routes are easy to use universal dynamic routes for Next.js. Now, the extension has more than 10k users. It can be used for both client and server-side and has features like,

  • Express-style route and parameters matching;
  • Request handler middleware for express & co;
  • Link and Router that generate URLs by route definition.


3. Auto Close Tag

This extension adds the HTML/XML close tag automatically. As a result, after typing in the closing bracket of the opening tag, the closing tag will be automatically inserted. It works exactly like Visual Studio IDE or Sublime Text. This extension is also available in other languages. For example, XML, PHP, Vue, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, TSX, and so on. It can be customized.

Learn more about this useful extension from the button below.

More Info / Install

4. Auto Rename Tag

The Auto Rename Tag extension auto renames the paired HTML/XML tag. It does the same as Visual Studio IDE.

More Info / Install

5. Next Plugin GraphQL

If you want to use GraphQL with Nextjs this extension will help you do that. It is a Nextjs plugin for .graphql and .gql files using graphql-tag.


6. Next SEO β€” Nextjs Extension

The Next SEO is a nextjs extension for easily managing your SEO in Nextjs projects. The plugin works by including it on pages where you likely want to add the SEO attributes. And, once it is included on the pages, you pass it a configuration object with the page’s SEO properties. This can be generated dynamically at the page level, or your API may return an SEO object in some cases.


7. Next Cookie β€” Nextjs Extension

Simply the Next Cookie is a Nextjs extension for cookie serialization and deserialization. That means it is a cookie serializer & deserializer library for NextJS. This is a very useful library and is used by many NextJS developers.


8. Nextein β€” Nextjs Extension

If you want to write static sites with Markdown + React and Nextjs. This should be your go-to NextJS extension. It is a wrapper around Nextjs that allows you to write static sites using markdown and react. To run the Nextein command, you need the NodeJS v10.x+.


9. Next β€” i18Next

With this extension, you can easily translate your NextJS apps. Although NextJs directly provides internationalized routing, it does not handle translation content management or translation functionality. NextJs only keeps your locales and URLs in sync.

This extension is very easy to set up and use. The step ends in just a few steps and the configurations are pretty simple. To learn more about this awesome Nextjs extension click the button below.


10. Next MDX Blog β€” Nextjs Extension

Go for this extension to add a blog section to any NextJS-based project. It has some really useful features like an MDX blog, RSS Feed, Simple Setup, and Customizable rendering. Your blog posts can be saved anywhere in the page’s directory. However, in order to keep things tidy, you will need to keep all blog posts on pages/blogs.

To build your blog index, you must include the next-mdx-blog plugin in your next.config.js file. To parse your blog posts, you must also include @zeit/next-mdx.


11. React and Next.js Snippets

This is a Visual Studio Code extension that provides a ton of React and Next.js snippets with TypeScript support. It allows you to avoid rewriting the same code again and again.

More Info / Install

12. Better Comments

If you want to improve your code commenting by annotating with alerts, informational, TODOs, and more, try The Better Comments. It will help you to create more human-friendly comments in your code. With this extension, you will be able to categorize your annotations into;

  • Alerts
  • Queries
  • TODOs
  • Highlights

and more.

More Info / Install

13. axe Accessibility Linter

With axe Accessibility Linter, your coding for accessibility will be easy. It is an accessibility linting for HTML, Angular, React, Markdown, and Vue. There are several useful features. Some of them are,

  • React (.js.jsx.ts.tsx), Vue (.vue), Angular (.component.html), HTML, (.html.htm), and Markdown (.md.markdown) files are all checked. Its purpose is to assist you in avoiding common accessibility flaws. Angular templates inline are not currently supported.
  • Needs Zero configuration.
  • Consistent with the open-source axe-core rules engine in providing early warnings of legit accessibility flaws, with no false positives. As a result, you don’t need to create a slew of ignoring flags.
  • Shareable project-specific configurations.


More Info / Install

14. Blockman β€” Highlight Nested Code Blocks

Blockman is a VS Code extension for highlighting the next blocks. It is easy to start working with an easy to disable. You can disable Blockman for certain files. It has added new color combos, the hidden backgrounds, and keeps only borders. Moreover, you can highlight all the parents of the focused block.

More Info / Install

15. Bookmarks β€” VS Code Extension

Bookmarks is an extension for Visual Studio Code. Recently, it has added some new things like icon customization, sticky engine, and virtual workspaces support. Also, it supports workspace trust and full remote development.

The extension helps you to easily navigate through important positions of your codes. It supports selection commands. This allows you to select lines that you bookmarked and also regions between the bookmarked lines. It is useful for log file analysis.

So, you can mark and unmark positions in your code. You can mark positions and give them a name. And, you can jump between these bookmarks. There will be a dedicated sidebar for bookmarks and many more useful features.

More Info / Install

16. Code Spell Checker

Code Spell Checker is a straightforward spell checker that works well with camelCase code. The primary goal of this spell checker is to detect common spelling errors while minimizing false positives.

It works simply. If you load JavaScript, TypeScript, Text, etc. files, the words that are not in the dictionary list will have a squiggly underline.

More Info / Install

17. Serverless NextJS

If you are looking for an extension that can help you with deploying your Next.js apps on AWS Lambda@Edge via Serverless Components, this is it. Serverless Nextjs extension is a popular zero-configuration plugin for Nextjs.

It has a ton of features and you must check out the details carefully before starting with this extension.


18. NextJS Iron Session

Iron Session is a Node.js stateless session utility that stores data in the signed and encrypted cookies. This extension is compatible with any Node.js HTTP framework, including Next.js, Express, NestJs, Fastify, and others.

The data is stored in encrypted cookies. Only the developer has access to the session data. Because there are no session ids, iron sessions are “stateless” from the server’s side.

Frameworks like Ruby On Reils has the same approach. And, it is one of their default strategies.

Demo GitHub

19. Next PWA β€” Nextjs PWA Plugin

The Next PWA is a zero-configuration PWA Plugin by workbox for Next.js. It has a ton of features that includes,

  • Zero configuration for registering and generating a service worker;
  • Optimized precache and runtime cache;
  • Maximize lighthouse score;
  • Easy to understand examples;
  • Full offline support with fallbacks example;
  • Work with cookies out of the box;

and a ton more. Make sure to check out.


20. Next Img β€” Nextjs Plugin

This is a Nextjs plugin for embedding optimized images by Humaans. By default, the configuration is set to use, 1 breakpoint at 768px, output the original and webp formats, 2-pixel densities of 1x, 2x. However, you can change these settings in your next.config.js or in the individual image imports.

It has a lot of features that you definitely need to check out from the buttons below.

Demo GitHub

21. Next Auth β€” Nextjs Authentication Extension

NextAuth.js is the most popular open-source authentication framework for next.js applications. So far, the extension has 10.3k GitHub stars and 1.2k Forks. It is built from scratch to support Nextjs and Serverless.


22. Color Highlight β€” Nextjs Extension

The Color Highlight is a simple extension that you can use while writing NextJS. It highlights web colors in your code editor.

More Info / Install

23. Git Graph β€” Nextjs Extension

Git Graph is a cool extension that you can use for Nextjs developments. With the extension, you can easily view a Git Graph of your repository, and then perform Git actions from the graph. It includes a huge an amount of features that you must have a look at. On the marketplace’s details page, you’ll find a demo of what it looks like to work with.

More Info / Install

24. Next Transpile Module – Nextjs Extension

If you want to transpile your code from your node_modules, this is what you need. Easily transpile modules using Nextjs Babel configuration. This plugin supports transpilation of all extensions supported by Nextjs. Also, it enables hot-reloading on local packages, and most of the setups should work out of the box. For example, npm, yarn, pnpm, etc.


25. Destack β€” Nextjs Extension

Destack is a page builder based on Next.js, TailwindCSS, and Grape.js. It will help you to build visually correct landing pages in your React or Nextjs projects. You can quickly deploy them and it doesn’t need any configuration. Also, it supports asset uploading, from submission and a variety of Tailwind colors. Some of its features are,

  • Powerful Blocks;
  • Delightful Builder;
  • Data Ownership;
  • Assets and Form Support;
  • Easy Setup and Deployment.


26. Debugger for Chrome

Debugging is a lot like console.log(). With the debugger extension, you can see every variable value and stop at any point in your application building process. However, it takes time to learn how to use the Debugger instead of console.log(). But after you know how it gets done, it will be a breeze for you to work with the Debugger extension.

More Info / Download

27. Next.js Snippets

This is a collection of snippets for Next.js development by Pulkit Gangwar. It contains the latest snippets for page initialization, nextjs, custom app, and document, api routes, static generation, importing components, and more.

More Info / Install

28. GitLens β€” Git supercharged

GitLens uses Git blame annotations and CodeLens to help you visualize code authorship at a glance. You can navigate and explore Git repositories with ease, gaining valuable insights through rich visualizations, powerful comparison commands, and much more. Learn more.

More Info / Install

29. EsLint

EsLint is an extension for VS Code. It finds the problems in code, fixes them automatically, and also you can customize the way it should work based on your requirements. It statically analyses your code to quickly find the problem, and it fixes syntax awareness, so you will not experience any errors introduced by traditional find-and-replace algorithms.

More Info / Install Documentation

30. Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense is another VS Code extension that you can use for writing Nextjs. The plugin autocompletes filenames. So, now you don’t have to write the full name of a file, instead just a few initial letters will be enough.

More Info / Install

More Extensions for Nextjs Worth Checking Out

Wrapping Up

So, it looks like your quest for the best Nextjs Extensions has now come to an end. Selecting the right extensions can give you a lot of flexibility while developing a project. It will give you a faster coding experience and lessen the burden of working extra hours.

Happy Coding!

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