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8 Best Vue TypeScript Admin Templates in 2023 (Free & Premium)

Since there aren’t many options available, it can be challenging to find useful Vue TypeScript Admin Templates. So, today, we have come up with some of the best Vue TypeScript Admin Templates that have the potential to make your work days go easier.

Without further ado! Let’s directly jump into the listicle and find out which ones are best suitable for your next Vue TypeScript Admin Projects.

Top Vue TypScript Admin Templates (Free & Premium)

The list you’re about to find out is in no particular order. So, feel free to check out and choose any templates you find useful for your project.

1. Vuero – VueJS 3 Admin and Webapp UI Kit


Vuero is a Vue TypeScript Admin Template with excellent UI design and code structure. You will have a wonderful time designing your admin app with the template. Furthermore, the template is built on a Vite.js development server, allowing you to modify it easily. It also manages the compilation of .vue files, SCSS, and Typescript code.

It has 6 different dashboards, 230+ demonstrations, over 500 Vue components, various apps, well-documentation, the Bulma framework, responsive design, chart libraries, and much more. So, check out its awesomeness by clicking on the buttons below.

Details / Download Live Preview

2. Sakai – Vue 3 Nuxt 3 Admin Template (Open Source)


The Sakai Admin template is a Vue TypeScript admin template that is open source and is built on the Vue CLI, Nuxt 3, TypeScript, and PrimeVue 3. It uses the free Saga, Arya, and Vela themes, which you can modify with any Prime Value theme, and layout colors from the Material UI, Tailwind, and Bootstrap.

It has a single dashboard and multiple ready-to-use pages for common web apps such as CRUD, Timeline, landing, Login, error, Notfound, and others. Also, it includes over 15 components to make your app more usable, such as a form layout, input, table, list, tree view, panel, chart, and many more.

Details / Download Live Preview

3. Crypo


CRYPO is a cryptocurrency trading dashboard built using Vue responsive bootstrap. This template’s main objective is to offer a lot of components. You can use these components for your next crypto trading website project. By default, here, you’ll find two themes: light and dark. And you can develop your own Crypto web app project if you’d like.

Moreover, it has features like functional chart libraries, technical support, free lifetime update, trade history, market capitalization, and a lot more.

Details / Download Live Preview

4. Armour – Vue TypeScript Admin Template (Open Source)

Armour - Vue TypeScript Admin Template (Free)

Armour is a Vue TypeScript and Element UI Admin Template. It has several capabilities, including an integrated i18n solution, dynamic routes, permission authentication, conventional enterprise application templates, and many others.

Mainly, it provides a single, unique dashboard with numerous practical cards, charts, and bar graphs. The admin template is multilingual and supports the following languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. Besides, it supports four different table kinds and has more than 15 different pre-built, ready-to-use components. It also includes a draggable Kanban App.

Details / Download Live Preview

5. Vben – Vue TypeScript Minimal Admin Template (Open Source)

Vben - Vue TypeScript Minimal Admin Template (Free)

Vben is a free, open-source Vue TypeScript admin tool featuring the dashboards “Analysis” and “Workbench,” each of which is distinct. It has many features, including different charts, reports, and more. It has both light and dark themes and is highly customizable. You will also have access to customization choices, including the Navigation mode, the System theme, the Header theme, and many more.

The template comes with Chinese documentation that you can easily translate to understand how to utilize the components and the admin template. Also, it has extensive information about icons, globalization, project specifications, and dark theme.

Details / Download Live Preview

6. Soybean – Vue TypeScript Admin Template (Open Source)

Soybean - Vue TypeScript Admin Template (Free)

Soybean – A unique back-end admin template built using Vue3, Vite3, TypeScript, NaiveUI, Pinia, and UnoCSS. There is a simple routing configuration and dynamic routing with the template. Also, it has features like two prebuilt dashboards, maps, films, charts, graphs, and more.

Furthermore, you will have sites for managing roles, users, and routes. You’ll find chart libraries from outside sources like Echarts and AntV. These enhance the Admin template’s interactive charts.

Details / Download Live Preview

7. LQSong – Vue Element Admin Template (Open Source)

LQSong - Vue Element Admin Template (Free)

Admin Element Vue is another Vue TypeScript admin template.  It’s a complete solution that takes advantage of the most recent front-end technology, Vue3. Dynamic routing, permission checking, internationalization, mock data, and many other features are here.

It includes a simple user interface (UI) and many functions and components. Chart libraries, multilingual support, page-level error handling, mock data, and lazy loading components are a few of its features.

Details / Download Live Preview

8. Vue 3.0 Admin Template (Open Source)

Vue 3.0 Admin Template (Free)

Admin Vue3.0 Template is a free Vue TypeScript admin template on GitHub. There are numerous features and elements in the template. Moreover, it has a unique dashboard with various charts and graphs. Also, it includes importing and exporting Excel, creating QR codes, using a calendar, exporting zip files, etc. It is a responsive admin template that is configurable. Therefore, don’t forget to check out.

Details / Download Live Preview

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