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Best Typescript React Admin Template 2024

Are you looking for some responsive Typescript React Admin Templates for your next project? Congratulations! 😁 You’ve found the right blog post. Here, you will find all the latest developer-friendly, and highly customizable, up-to-date TypeScript React admin templates.

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Top TypeScript React Admin Templates

Please keep in mind, that the list below is in no particular order. Choose any TypeScript React Admin Templates you prefer from below. But, choose wisely. If you want to level up your admin template buying skills, quickly go through this link below, and learn how to choose an admin template in 5 simple steps.

👉How To Choose An Admin Template (In 5 Simple Steps)

Without further ado! Let’s find out the best & latest TypeScript React Admin Templates 2022.

1. Onion – React CRA/Vite/Next.js UI Kit

  • Next.js app routing
  • Create react app and Vite version
  • JWT/Firebase/Auth0/Amplify authentications
  • Formik forms
  • Dark/Light themes
  • i18next
  • Right to left supported
  • Datatables (MUI & React table)
  • Analytics, CRM, ecommerce, Logistics, Marketing etc. dashboards
  • Fully customizable
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Figma design file with figma variable mode switch feature (Only available with Plus and Extended license)

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2. Sash – React TypeScript Admin & Dashboard Template

Sash - React TypeScript Admin & Dashboard Template

Sash is a React Typescript Admin Dashboard Template. Also, it is among the most developer-friendly & adaptable templates available! To create this incredible template, the developers employed React and Bootstrap. It offers all the helpful features, including a horizontal menu, LTR, and RTL, as well as light and dark colors. Moreover, it features a fully responsive design and react-styled components. Besides that, with react elements, you can quickly design any type of React gateway.

Details / Download Live Preview

3. Tokyo – Free React TypeScript White Admin Dashboard

Tokyo - Free React TypeScript White Admin Dashboard

Tokyo is a free and open-source Material UI Typescript React admin template. It has a light and clean color scheme. You can rapidly change the color scheme and design by altering specific variable files. Here, you will find the messenger application, card examples, dynamic tables, and responsiveness. Furthermore, you can implement it with simple changes to your projects. Its appealing design and clean codes make it an ideal admin template for web developers.

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4. Inst – TypeScript React Admin Template with GraphQL

Inst - TypeScript React Admin Template with GraphQL

Inst – An Admin Template with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Uber’s Base UI. It is one of those lovely minimalist React dashboards. Here, they’ve utilized GraphQL with type-graphql, and it is simple to use. Besides, they’ve utilized this progressive web application pattern and well optimized it for your upcoming react application project. You can use it for your web apps’ Dashboard and Public pages. Also, it has both the Light and Dark modes available.

Details / Download Live Preview

5. Materially ReactJS TypeScript Admin Dashboard – Free & Premium

Materially ReactJS TypeScript Admin Dashboard - Free & Premium

Materially – A modern UI with the greatest design sets and development structure for your next admin project. It has a plethora of layouts and selection options. Besides, it will save your precious time and page thoughts from suffering for hours with its finest design standards. 

The template has App Pages and Components you can use on any site. To provide you with the finest site experience. The template has great code quality without sacrificing the design. It has high ratings from Google Page Speed, Pingdom, and GTMetrix as well. Moreover, it offers a variety of widget options, chart icon selections, and other super useful features.

Details / Download Live Preview

6. Able Pro Bootstrap 5, Angular 13 & React Admin Template

Able Pro

Able Pro is a Typescript admin template built on React. It has ready-to-use features that accelerate and simplify the development process. Furthermore, the well-structured & code makes the development of your project easier.

Also, the design of this React Bootstrap admin template looks excellent on all devices. More than 150 ready-to-use widgets are included in Able Pro, making it simple to create any application. Besides, it has every fundamental element, like Alert, Breadcrumbs, Button, Box-shadow, Accordion, Generic class, Tabs, color, Label Badge, and many others.

Details / Download Live Preview

7. AppStack

AppStack - TypeScript React Admin Template

AppStack is yet another responsive Bootstrap 5 React TypeScript admin dashboard template for anyone looking to develop online applications that are both quick and effective. It enables you to produce your subsequent Bootstrap even more quickly than previously.

Besides, it provides over 45 pages, full responsiveness, four color schemes, a dark theme alongside the standard light version, the ability to customize with SCSS Variables, and much more. You can use it to build anything you want on the web, including a SaaS-based interface and dashboard. Your team will move more quickly and spend less on development thanks to AppStack!

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8. Minia


Minia is a simple and elegant admin template with the latest versions of Bootstrap and React, and TypeScript. It contains more than six alternative layouts and three modes (Dark, Light, and RTL).

You can easily change any layouts or modes by modifying a few lines of code. Besides, you may rapidly start small and large projects using the template or adjust the design of an existing project. It will undoubtedly provide a better user experience.

Details / Download Live Preview

9. Doar


If you are a react developer or the owner of a React website that needs to operate within a dashboard UI, then Doar is a good option. Doar is a responsive React Admin Template with TypeScript. Also, it offers you great possibilities, including four or more dashboards, the Lerna Monorepo Architecture, flat design, reusable components, maps, tables, charts, and more. It has a ton of material available to help you get a quick result that will draw attention.

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10. Lightence – Free Ant Design React TypeScript Admin Template

Lightence - Free Ant Design React TypeScript Admin Template

Lightence is a free and open-source Typescript admin template for React. The template is simple to use and easy to integrate with any backend. Guess what! It is a responsive design. And it offers more than 60 NFT UI components, custom pages, built-in apps, light & dark mode, etc. Moreover, it boasts a striking theming style with light and dark versions. Additionally, thanks to its built-in dashboards for the medical and NFT industries, you may use it to construct modern and imaginative projects.

Details / Download Live Preview

11. Square – React TypeScript Dashboard

Square - React TypeScript Dashboard

Square is an open-source admin template with React, React Router, Redux, TypeScript, and Styled components. The admin template has a unique design and a contemporary color scheme. Besides, it supports drag & drop in several pages and the dashboard. The template features cross-browser compatibility and is simple to alter.

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12. React Material Admin

React Material Admin

React Material admin – an open-source admin template built on MUI components.  Moreover, it is a very adaptable admin template that is developer-friendly. Besides that, it offers code splitting, which enables you to “lazy-load” and enhances the functionality of your program. A complete set of UI tools are now available with the addition of MUI.

Details / Download Live Preview

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