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Best Vuejs Chart Libraries

Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in 2022. And, as we sell various templates with the framework, we often use different Charts in them. For this reason, today, we’re going to showcase some of the best Vue Chart Libraries you need to check out if you’re looking for Vue Charts. However, if you’re a React developer or would love to become one, be sure to check out our top picks for React Chart Libraries as well.

So, without further ado, let’s see which chart libraries will be ideal for your next Vue.js project.

Best Vue Chart Libraries

Please note that the list below is in no particular order. Feel free to use any of these libraries. Enjoy!

1. Vue Chart.js

Vue Chart.js - Vue chart library

Vue-chartjs is a simple and adaptable charting library for designers and developers. It is an HTML5 charting package with Vue.js-wrapper and vue-chartjs. This is a good option for you if you require charts that are ready to use right away! With chart.js, you may utilize (and combine) 8 different chart kinds, all of which have animation and are movable.

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2. Vue Apexcharts

Apexcharts - Vue Chart Library

You may create interactive charts and visualizations using the open-source charting library ApexCharts. It includes some really intriguing features like built-in panning and zooming as well as a way to export your charts. Even though it’s not exactly a lightweight library, if you work with data-intensive visualizations, the longer loading time might be worthwhile. For their library, they provide an official Vue component!

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3. Vue ECharts

Vue EChart

Vue ECharts is an adaptation of ECharts for Vue, an interactive charting toolkit that offers a variety of choices for data display. Along with bar and pie charts, you may also make more intricate charts like radar charts, maps, and polar plots.

4. JSCharting – Vue Chart Library


JSCharting has been creating data visualizations for 20 years. They have approximately 150 different types of charts in their charting library, including Gantt charts, org charts, financial charts, and maps. They provide an official Vue wrapper component (and also React). Look through their extensive portfolio to see examples of all chart types, smart annotations and labels, various layouts, dynamic charts, and interaction.

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5. Vue FusionCharts 


FusionCharts’ has 150 different chart types and 1000 different maps. These you can use in your Vue apps thanks to the official wrapper for the package. It is a charting library with charts that are user-friendly, responsive, and has a lot of features. Create animations, and interactive charts that can zoom, pan, update in real-time, and export right out of the box.

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6. D3


D3 is a popular JavaScript package. It complies with all web standards. With this library, you can produce an endless number of charts.

Besides, it has over 200 million downloads and 101 thousand reviews on GitHub. There is an external stylesheet, unique animations, and responsive charts, and it supports SVG. One benefit of utilizing the D3 is that it only needs HTML, SVG, and CSS to function.

You won’t need any additional software or tools. Even with a high number of data points, it operates quickly.

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7. Syncfusion Vue Charts

syncfusion free vue chart

From simple line charts to correlation diagrams or box plots, the Synfunsion chart library provides more than 30 interactive chart styles. The performance-optimized control supports real-time charts and lazy loading. Zooming and panning, tooltips, legends, annotations, and an automatic picture or PDF output are more features. To use the library, you’ll need a license. However, if you’re a solo developer or a small business, you can use Syncfusion’s Vue Charts for free!

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8. Highcharts – Vue Chart Library

highcharts - free vue chart library

Highcharts are popular among business giants like Microsoft, Facebook, or IBM because they are flexible and easy to integrate into any CMS. They are in the industry for more than 12 years now. The library has an official Vue wrapper, which makes using them in your upcoming project simpler.

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9. Chart.js


With 4.9K+ ratings on GitHub, Chart.js is one of the most robust and extensible Vue charting tools. Chart.js includes vue-chartjs. It implies that Chart.js must be installed as a dependency package.

This will look simple to you if you are familiar with Chart.js. It only makes the Chart.js object visible and generates a wrapper that enables the application of custom logic, giving you the greatest degree of flexibility.

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10. trading-vue-js – Vue Chart Library

trading vue js

The Trading-vue-js library offers charts, such as the candlestick chart, to view trade datasets. Adding your indicators to a candlestick chart is simple. Moreover, it is open source, so you may change the color, add more attributes, or enhance the performance of the charts however you like. According to the documentation, it moves rather quickly up to three million data points.

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11. vue-chartkick

chartkick vue

Chartkick Vue is an excellent Vue Chart library. If you want to create extraordinary JavaScript charts with one line of Vue, make sure to try out Chartkick. It supports both Vue 2 & 3 (latest) Versions. Moreover, it comes with a ton of chart variations including, an area chart, line chart, column chart, pie chart, bar chart, scatter chart, and more. The Chartkick Vue now has over 700 GitHub stars and 70+ forks.

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Wrapping Up

Your quest for the Top Vue Chart Libraries appears to be over at last. Deciding from among these free Vuejs Chart Libraries is challenging. If you adhere to your specifications, you should be able to quickly identify 3 to 4 chart library options that would be the greatest fit for your project.

We wish you all the best and thank you for your time.

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