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10+ Laravel Bootstrap Admin Templates (Free & Premium) in 2023

Are you looking for the best and most up-to-date Laravel Bootstrap admin dashboard templates? Don’t worry! Today, we will show you some of the best and most recently updated Laravel Bootstrap admin templates from 2023.

The Bootstrap framework is the most effective way to avoid repetitions across multiple projects. It is an open-source CSS framework for web and web app development that is both mobile-friendly and extremely fast. Bootstrap has a massive amount of versatile and reusable code written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. So, admin dashboards with Bootstrap will be very much beneficial to any business.

These admin templates will allow you to customize your dashboard with all the necessary features. So, rather than wasting time creating your own, check out these already available ones and get started on your Laravel Bootstrap admin templates. Right away!

Focus on these 5 things to buy the right admin template 👇🧐

1. Technologies & Frameworks

2. Design

3. Features, Usage, Code Quality & Documentation

4. Technical Support & Updates

5. Cost, Reviews & Number of Downloads

Learn about these points in detail HERE.

Best Laravel Bootstrap Admin Templates

Please keep in mind that the list below is not in any particular order.

1. Gull – Laravel Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

gull laravel bootstrap html admin dashboard template

Gull – A modern Laravel 9 Bootstrap 5 Admin Template. The template is built using SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery plugins. Along with these technologies, it has some really useful developer tools like Gulp, Babel, and Browsersync.

With Gull, you can develop all types of cross-platform apps and web app backends. For example, you can build a custom admin panel, dashboard, accounting software, PM, Chat app, backend for your eCommerce business, CMS, CRM, ERP, and SASS.

Moreover, you’re getting all the UI to input and visualize/output large and small datasets. To give you multiple options while setting its appearance, it offers 4 dashboard versions, more than 2K icons, 30+ card widgets, and a lot more. Also, it is fully responsive and has complete documentation. So, whether you’re targetting to work on your dashboard from mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop, it will give you a smooth experience.

We invite you to carefully examine the live preview and learn more about all the features it offers!

Details / Download Live Preview

2. Star Admin Laravel (FREE)

star admin free laravel bootstrap admin template

The Star Admin Laravel template is very flexible, open-sourced, and developer-friendly. Also, the style of this free Laravel admin panel template is smooth and simple.

Moreover, its design offers many customization options. It comes with a nice collection of practical elements, buttons, icons, and other components to make the web construction process easier. As a result, it will undoubtedly dazzle web designers looking for a highly responsive and user-friendly website template.

Details / Download Live Preview

3. Cork – Vue 3/2, Bootstrap 5/4 & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

cork vue bootstrap laravel admin dashboard template

Cork Laravel Bootstrap Vue is a robust CRM admin dashboard template built for all types of back-end projects. It includes several working apps to help you quickly build your next back-end application.

Moreover, it has a wide range of reusable components such as buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms, and tables. Also, it offers plenty of other elements that you can use in your project. The design is responsive and fully adaptable to mobile devices of all sizes.

Details / Download Live Preview

4. Dashmix – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel 9 Starter Kit

dashmix laravel bootstrap admin template

Dashmix is another premium, fully responsive admin dashboard template and UI framework built with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 5. It has a dark mode and doesn’t utilize jQuery for its basic JS capabilities. Smart utilities like webpack 5, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer, and Browsersync are available here.

You may jumpstart your project your way with the help of the HTML and PHP versions that are both readily available. Finally, it is a simple, adaptable, and modern template for designing the user interface (UI) for custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, and even projects for portfolios, blogs, business websites, etc.

Details / Download Live Preview

5. Admire

admire admin

Admire is a Bootstrap 4 admin template. The template includes over 70 pages and 6 layouts. Also, it has 6 color schemes, 2 dashboard styles, and a ton of widgets. For asset streamlining, they used Gulp. Therefore, now you can easily and quickly customize the template to your needs.

Details / Download Live Preview

6. Viho

Viho laravel bootstrap admin template

Viho Admin is a multipurpose premium bootstrap admin template built using Bootstrap 5 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery. It has a wide range of reusable UI components and comes with the latest jQuery plugins. It supports building all types of web apps such as custom admin panels, app backend, CMS, or CRM. Moreover, it includes 2 dashboards, dark & light mode, responsive layout, Gulp, Charts, Data Table, sliders, clean code, and a lot more.

Details / Download Live Preview

7. Core UI Laravel (FREE)

core ui laravel

CoreUI Laravel is a free admin template for Laravel. It is built with Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 8 and hasn’t been updated since 2020. So, if all you want is a Laravel Bootstrap admin template for learning purposes, that’s fine.

You will get the majority of the features you require for your learning project. Besides, it includes a wide range of components like cards, carousels, and more, as well as a variety of button types, charts, and forms.

Furthermore, the components and other elements of CoreUI Laravel have been created to be of high quality and functional. The menu system is also well-implemented, resulting in an enjoyable user experience.

Details / Download Live Preview

8. Epic Pro

Epic Pro

Epic Pro is a highly customizable Laravel Bootstrap Dashboard template. It has a clean & modern approach. It can be a perfect solution for companies like HRMS, project management, job portals, etc.

The template works on different workable applications. And you can develop awesome projects with this Laravel Bootstrap admin template. Besides, it offers over 800+ HTML files, 10+ template layouts, light-dark themes, 15+ dashboards, 1000+ ready pages, 100+ components, and more. Hence, it will surely impress website designers who are in search of a better admin template.

Details / Download Live Preview

9. Studio – Laravel Bootstrap 5 & HTML Admin Template

Studio bootstrap laravel admin template

Studio is a premium Laravel Bootstrap admin template. It has features like sleek appearance and responsiveness. And it adheres to the flat design approach.

Moreover, the template is built on top of the latest version of Bootstrap (v5). And it comes pre-installed with numerous third-party plugins, reusable widgets, and more. Additionally, it has features like 1,768 FontAwesome icons, over 30 unique pages, more than 30 themed plugins, etc. So, be sure to check out its live preview from the button below. 

Details / Download Live Preview

10. Frest – Laravel Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template


Frest is a popular admin template with light and dark modes, RTL options, and other features. If you want an admin dashboard designed with you in mind, Frest is one of them. It is a robust admin dashboard template built on Bootstrap 5 with Laravel 9. Also, it is feature-rich, developer-friendly, and incredibly configurable.

An admin template that is not only quick and simple to use but also highly scalable. The template has been created by adhering to the strictest industry requirements.

Details / Download Live Preview

11. HUD


HUD is the world’s first HUD-Style admin template. It is built on the popular Bootstrap 5.2.0 framework. The design concept for HUD Admin followed the HUD UI design. And, guess what! The result is a clean and neat interface. Most importantly, it comes with all of the useful third-party plugins, reusable widgets, applications, and much more.

Make sure to check out details and demos to learn more about this cool template.

Details / Download Live Preview


Finally, your search for the best Laravel Bootstrap admin templates appears to be over. Choose the premium versions if you require a wider range of functionality. They are all built with high-quality code and ensure long-term updates. These also provide access to all premium UI kits, components, and elements that can be easily customized.

Thank you for your time. 

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