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Top 20 Best Free & Premium Bootstrap UI Kits for 2022

Are you a developer looking for the best Bootstrap UI kits? They are right here! In this blog, we have carefully selected the 20 free & premium Bootstrap UI Kits. These UI Kits can be a great option, to begin with, your project and 2022.

top bootstrap ui kits

According to a report from 2018, there are more than 18 million websites that have Bootstrap as their CSS framework. And after its popularity, there came several UI Kits for Bootstrap and it’s still growing. So, what are UI Kits? They are pre-built sets of components such as fonts, layered icons, documentation, and more for making web/app development faster.

Thus, we’re going to present you with some of the best available Bootstrap UI Kits for web and app development. The list is in no particular order.

1. Webpixels – Stylish UI Kit & Components

Webpixels - Stylish UI Kit & Components

With Webpixels web development is much more fun because you don’t have to worry about the design. With this Bootstrap 5 component library, you can create a wide range of beautiful websites that adhere to sound design principles. These front-end solutions are used by thousands of developers.

Here, you’ll find a lot of reusable components, 1400+ icons, and Figma assets for designers. Make sure to check out both free & premium components in Webpixels from the button below.

Demo / Download

2. Dash-UI – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard & UI Component

Dash-UI - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard & UI Component

Dash UI is a free-of-cost Bootstrap 5 & HTML5 admin template with a large amount of UI Components. If you want to create a backend application or an admin dashboard with Bootstrap 5, try Dash-UI. It is a responsive, browser-compatible package.

Moreover, the template is supported by specialists. Specialists who provide rapid and effective support. In the component section, you’ll find border suggestions, colors, texts, typography, ratio, stacks, and a lot more.

Demo / Download

3. Snacked – Bootstrap 5 UI Kit & Admin Template

Snacked - Bootstrap 5 UI Kit & Admin Template

Snacked is a well-responsive Bootstrap UI kit & admin template. For a browser-compatible, developer-friendly template you can give it try. Also, it has UI components with the most recent version of Bootstrap plugins.

Moreover, there are different types of notifications & sweet alerts and dynamic & static widgets options. And guess what! The number of UI components they’ve gathered here is huge. For example, over 60 responsive HTML pages, more than 200 UI Icons, multiple charts & map options, 3 color dashboards, and a lot more.

Demo / Download

4. Fabrx UI Kit Pro

Fabrx UI Kit Pro

Fabrx UI Kit Pro is a supercharged Bootstrap 5 UI Kit & Wireframe Library. It has a lot of starter pages to get your creative juice going. Also, you’ll be amazed to know that there are more than 600 components. And, with a large amount of UI components, it has 20+ charts & tables, 500+ custom icons, 120+ light wireframes, 120+ dark wireframes, and a lot more. Experience Fabrx UI Kit Pro by clicking the button below.

Demo / Download

5. Ayro UI – Bootstrap UI Component Snippets

Ayro UI - Bootstrap UI Component Snippets

Ayro UI has both free and premium versions. Now, together they got downloaded over 17,000 times. It is a Bootstrap HTML5 UI Library, Snippets, Components, and Toolkit. You can quickly create responsive – landing pages, templates, or websites by copy-pasting blocks. Moreover, it is a collection of 300+ beautiful and essential UI components, snippets, blocks, pages, and templates. You can use it to build a complete site without coding or designing from scratch.

Free Version Premium Version

6. Core UI

Core UI bootstrap ui kit

CoreUI has a big name in the industry as a template and design system provider. Here, it offers a beautiful UI Kit that features multiple admin templates. And, it is filled with different charts, and graphs like sales, stats, social media, traffic, and so on. It is an open-source Angular & Bootstrap admin template with free access to updates, SCSS files, Chart.js, Pace, basic support, etc. And guess what! It supports other frameworks such as React and Vue too.

So, make sure to check out CoreUI Bootstrap UI Kit. It also has a premium version available with more amazing features.

Demo / Download Premium Version Github

7. Soft UI Design System PRO – Premium Bootstrap 5 UI kit

soft ui design system pro

Soft UI is one of Creative Tim’s most complex and innovative Bootstrap 5 UI Kit. it is comprised of over 300 frontend individual elements, such as buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, and alerts, which you can freely select and combine. All components can have color variations, which you can easily change with SASS files and classes.

Here you can find both the demo and pro versions of Soft UI. The premium version contains more than 300+ elements, 100+ design blocks, 4 plugins, 39 example pages, and a lot more.

Demo / Download Free version

8. Neumorphism UI

Neumorphism UI bootstrap ui kit

Neumorphism UI is a free user interface UI Kit with Bootstrap. However, it is a new and contentious design trend that has gained traction since the beginning of 2020. On Product Hunt, this Bootstrap UI Kit was ranked as the fourth-best product of the day. It includes over 200 individual Neumorphic components as well as five example pages.

Demo / Download

9. Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit Bootstrap UI Kit

Now UI Kit is grooving around the marketplace for more than 3 years now. Creative Tim is the creator of this Free Bootstrap 4 Design UI Kit. Inspired by material design, the template offers more than 50 elements. Not only that but there are also 3 templates available on this UI Kit.

To have it in PSD or Sketch format, you have to visit Invision. The UI components come in bold colors, beautiful typography, spacious arrangement, and more.

Demo / Download Premium Version

10. Argon

argon boostrap 4 design system

Argon is unquestionably one of the best Bootstrap UI Kits available today. Beautiful components and a handful of pages and sections are the ideal starting point for your project. The kit’s design is perfect, combining simplicity and style. The UI Kit is also from Creative Tim. And, it is offering 100 individual components, three plugins, four example pages, and a lot more.

Most importantly, it gives you the freedom to mix and match. All components can have color variations. That you can easily change with SASS files.

Demo / Download Premium Version

11. Pixel Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

pixel Bootstrap 5 ui kit

Pixel Bootstrap 5 UI Kit is another high-quality UI Kit with tons of components. It comes in a beautiful and clean style. One notable feature of Pixel is that it has a timeline component added to it. Also, it has no jQuery dependency & 3 example pages. Don’t forget to experience this UI Kit from the button below. It also has a Pro version available with lots of new features.

Demo / Download Premium Version

12. WrapKit Lite

Wrapkit Lite

WrapKit Lite is one great UI Kit that needs to be among the top three Bootstrap UI kits. What is different in this is that they have a few sections available that other UI kits do not provide. There are 17+ interface sections, over 11 amazing landing pages, and more than 25 Bootstrap 5 useful elements.

Demo / Download Premium Version

13. Material Kit 2

Material kit 2

Creative Material Kit Tim is also based on Google’s infamous Material UI. Unlike MdBootstrap, this UI kit includes a couple of example pages that you can use as a starting point. The stunning purple colors are another feature that sets it apart.

The template offers 60 front-end individual elements, two plugins, four example pages, and more. If you want more than this, then make sure to check out Material Kit Pro.

Demo / Download Premium Version

14. MD Bootstrap

MD Bootstrap ui kit

MD Bootstrap (MDB) is a Material Design for Bootstrap v4 & v5. They’ve integrated the components into the most popular JS frameworks, including Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and others. Although Material UI is on the decline, it is still worth considering for your next project.

The template is offering 700+ UI components & templates. Also, the installation process is so simple that it will take only 1 minute to start your work. Most importantly, this is completely open-source and licensed under MIT.

Demo / Download

15. Shards UI Kit

Shards UI Kit

Shards is a stunning and minimalist Free Bootstrap UI Kit. What makes this kit stand out are the form error styles, calendar inputs, and sliders that most other kits lack. This is unquestionably a kit worth considering.

This design system is based on Bootstrap 4 and has 10 extra custom components. Also, there are two pre-built landing pages. It’s also light, with a stylesheet that’s only 13kb minified and gzipped.

Demo / Download

16. Get Shit Done UI kit Pro

Get Shit Done UI kit Pro

Pro Get Shit Done Kit It’s a Bootstrap Kit with a plethora of customizable components. They are not only pixel-perfect and lightweight, but they are also simple to use and combine with other components.

It includes a fantastic set of elements that are essential to any project. Everything you need to get your website up and running is right here, looking as good as ever. There are 8 pre-built pages, pixel-perfect icons, and a lot more. It also has a free version available.

Demo / Download Free Version

17. Paper Kit 2

Paper Kit 2

Paper Kit 2 is a free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. It comes with soft colors, lovely typography, and thoughtful illustrations. There are 50 elements, 3 plugins, 3 example pages, etc. Also, it is a fully coded, well-documented UI Kit. A beautifully organized UI Kit that you can rely on.

It also has a premium version available. Make sure to check that out too.

Demo / Download Premium Version

18. Landing

Landing handcrafted free ui kit

Landing is a free Bootstrap UI Kit with stunning features and well documentation. It comes with tons of hand-crafted components. These components can increase your web-creating speed. Also, it is available in Sketch and Photoshop files.

There are 80+ components in the popular category and a useful icon set. This is a lightweight UI Kit offer.

Demo / Download

19. Miri UI Pro

Miri UI Pro

Miri UI is a Bootstrap UI Kit that has a lot of carefully crafted UI Kits with clean and unique designs. All the essential features are here for you. Most importantly, this pro version comes with a year full of premium support, lifetime free updates, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Also, it has a free version available. Make sure to check that out.

Demo / Download Free Version

20. Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Figma Free Bootstrap 5

Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kits is a Free Bootstrap UI Kit from It has 300+ organized Bootstrap 5 components with an atomic design system and auto layout. With this, you can easily jump-start your project. Also, you can easily set up colors, typography, and border-radius in this UI Kit offer.

Experience Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit from the button below.

Demo / Download

Wrapping Up

Finally, it seems like your search for the best Bootstrap UI Kits has come to an end. Finding the best Bootstrap UI Kit is not that difficult as there are tons of Bootstrap available in the market. However, to find the one according to your requirements is always a hard one. So, we’ve gathered these reliable UI Kits. Most of them have a free and a premium version available. Thus, make your choice but always make sure to check out the documentation, live demos, and configuration. Thank you for reading the article.

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