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Main Features

Figma Components

Reusable figma components that saves hundreds of hours and makes design clean.

Vertical & Horizontal Nav

Choose your web app layout from multiple vertical horizontal navigation styles

Clean and minimal

Focused on what's important with a simple, minimalistic design.

Organized Styles

Predefined figma styles for typography, colors, shadows and etc.

9 Dashboard Examples

Application, Ecommerce, Analytics, Project management, Banking & etc.

Graph & Charts

Line, Area, pie, donut, bar and etc charts for visualize large data set.

250+ Components

Basic UI components and kits. e.g. Buttons, Inputs, switch, graphs and many more.

Ecommnerce pages

Shap, product details, product list & grid, cart, checkout, billing & etc.


High quality icons with solid, line, duotone and colored variations.

Other Features

Header variants
Tab variants
Account settings
Data tables
Sidebar variants
And Many More
Dropdown variants
Button variants
Plans & pricings
Form inputs
Dropdown search
User profile
Chat window
User. profile
Auth pages


MasterX Pro is a high quality figma UI Kit with admin dashboard and ecommerce store pages. It’s a set of UI elements created by following atomic design principles. You can use MasterX Pro UI Kits to create your own admin dashboard panel, ecommerce management pages, etc. It includes all the elements you need to build a clean admin dashboard.

MasterX UI Kit and Design System is a comprehensive collection of customizable user interface components and design resources. With Figma UI Kit and Design System, you can quickly and easily create consistent, high-quality designs for your digital products.

Some of the key features of Figma UI Kit and Design System include:

  • A wide variety of pre-designed UI components, including buttons, forms, navigation, and more
  • Flexible design templates that make it easy to create consistent layouts and designs
  • Customizable color schemes and typography settings
  • The ability to create and share your own design components
  • Easy collaboration and version control for teams

Some of the benefits of using Figma UI Kit and Design System include:

  1. Streamlined design process: With pre-designed UI components and templates, you can save time and effort when creating your designs.
  2. Consistent designs: The UI Kit and Design System ensures that all of your designs are consistent and follow the same design principles.
  3. Easy collaboration: The ability to create and share your own design components makes it easy for teams to work together on projects.
  4. Flexibility: The UI Kit and Design System is highly customizable, allowing you to create designs that fit your specific needs.

Overall, MasterX UI Kit and Design System is a powerful tool for designers looking to create high-quality, consistent designs for their digital products. With its wide variety of pre-designed components and customizable design templates, it makes the design process quick and easy.


  • Awesome template

    Awesome template will help me a lot in the design of my product. Good job

  • Wonderful Design System Kit!

    This kit has stunning visuals along with very neatly organized and polished components. I was easily able to create my own e-commerce management dashboard with this kit!

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is it possible to white label or customize your template?

    You certainly can! Feel free to change the template branding, such as the name and logo, and customize it as needed. There is no need to attribute UI Lib.

    What does the purchased package include?

    Depending on the technology/framework, the purchased package includes a full source code that includes SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, media, compiled assets, and build config files.

    All of the demos, apps, pages, components, and plugins shown in the preview will also be included.


    What payment methods are available?

    We use Paddle for processing payments. You can pay using following methods

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    What does "End users can be charged" mean?

    End users are the individuals or organizations who will be using the software that you'll build using our template. If you purchase Extended or Unlimited license then your end users can be charged.

    How long are licenses valid?

    A license is valid for lifetime. That is, once bought, you can use the item forever.

    You can download the updated version from our website for 12 months. If you purchase unlimited license you can download the updated version for lifetime.


    What does Support Include?

    When you purchase our item, you can contact our Support Team, where you can submit tickets/issues about product functionality, usage, and bug fixes.

    Within 24-48 hours, you will receive responses directly from the product's creators (during business days).

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