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Top 10 Best Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template – Free & Premium

Looking for the best Vuetify admin dashboard template? Look no further! This is where you can find every single one of them.

Top 10 Best Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template Free & Premium

Vuetify is now the top UI component library, among its competitors. This library followed Google’s Material Design, designed for Vue.js. With Vuetify, you’ll be able to create some outstanding UI components. For example, buttons, toolbar, popups, grid system, and more. It is to follow this material design philosophy. And to make the web application look amazing. So, in this blog, we’ll be looking at the top 10 Best Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template, both free and premium.

The list is in no particular order.

1. Octavia Admin Pro – Vuetify Admin Dashboard

Octavia Admin Pro Vuetify Admin Dashboard

Octavia Admin Pro is a fantastic admin template made with Vue and Vuetifyjs. It is already gaining traction in the Vuetify.js marketplace. It is a feature-rich admin template that is clean and modern in appearance. So, there’s a good chance that Octavia will be the best choice for your next dashboard project.

We are confident in this product because it has a plethora of amazing features. First and foremost, it provides six variations of pre-built dashboard examples. This includes analytics, cryptocurrency, job management, and so on. Second, there are numerous customization and configuration options.

Furthermore, the color options are unrivaled. It has a light and dark mode, as well as an unlimited color scheme for the theme, sidebar, and header. This is terrific news for those seeking creative freedom on the dashboard’s appearance.

Finally, Octavia Admin Pro comes with five apps, nine different chart types, and nine different pages, including FAQ, List, Pricing, and Widgets. Not to mention the eCommerce section, which includes a product list, product details, and a product checkout. There are numerous basic and advanced kits available, as well as various data tables, custom data tables, and Forms.

It’s an admin template with limitless possibilities. Furthermore, the template is not only focused on adding a multitude of elements to the dashboard, but it also includes useful features to ensure that it functions as you wish. After purchasing this template, you’ll have all the technical support from its creator team, UI-Lib.

Live Preview Details / Download

2. Vuetify – Material Dashboard by Creative Tim (Free)

Vuetify Material Dashboard by Creative Tim

Vuetify by Creatim Tim is made with Vuejs, Vuetifyjs, and Vuex. It is a template where you can find almost everything just for free. Though the premium version of this product offers way more than this free version. But this is quite enough for a lot of developers trying to create a project with a low budget.

The template offers 16 elements, 2 plugins, and 7 example pages, and more. And it is a fully coded and well-documented free template. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Creative Tim is one of the largest providers of great templates. Thus, they always ensure top-quality production.

However, if you have a bigger budget and want to have the full experience of a premium quality product. Then you can try the premium version of Vuetify Material Dashboard. Make sure to check out the live previews.

Live Preview Details / Download Premium Version

3. Adminfy – Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template (Free)

Adminfy Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template

Adminfy is a free and open-source admin dashboard template based on Vuejs and Vuetify Material. As a free admin template, you can consider this one. It is because it has features like Vue + Vue Router + Vuex + Axios, a Built-in localStorage proxy for any data types, a configurable side menu with json, and a lot more.

Besides, the template has a better server API built on AdonisJs. However, it seems that the live preview is currently unavailable, but there are some screenshots on its Github link. After installation, you can see the whole template working together.

Demo / Details / Download

4. AdminPro – Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template


AdminPro is another unique Vuetify-based admin template with lots of great features and top-notch design. It has some amazing ready-to-use dashboard interfaces, page examples, components, RTL support for different cultures, and a light & dark theme for a better user experience.

There are some very useful pre-built apps like To-do, eCommerce, employe, contact, email, chat, and calendar. AdminPro is in the market since 2016 and it is still updating itself every month. You will have the premium support and documentation after purchasing the template.

So, before moving on to the next best template, make sure to check out the Live Demo of AdminPro.

Live Preview Details / Download

5. Vuetify Argon Dashboard Pro

Vuetify Argon Dashboard Pro

Vuetify Argon Dashboard Pro is a minimal design admin dashboard template made with Vuejs and Vuetifyjs. You can navigate through the whole dashboard template with super-ease. It is a super-responsive design with well-documentation. So, you can easily understand its structure and work on the project without hesitation.

The company that made this template claims that they can give you full technical support. It is a quick fact that they constantly update this template with newer features. Furthermore, they developed this product with up-to-date coding practices. So, while working with the codes as a developer, you’ll get the benefit of understanding them with no effort.

Live Preview Details / Download

6. Vue Material Admin – Vuetify Admin Template by Flatlogic

Vue Material Admin Vuetify Admin Template

Vue Material Admin is a Vuejs and Vuetifyjs-based admin template made by Flatlogic. It is a successful company for making top-quality templates and software.

The template has No jQuery dependencies and no Bootstrap. On the contrary, it provides you with excellent features. For example, three color schemes with dark mode, chart libraries including HighCharts, an eCommerce section, user management, etc. Thus, you can expect maximum performance with Vue Material Admin. Experience the live preview before moving ahead.

Live Preview Details / Download

7. Lux Admin Pro – Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template

Lux Admin Pro Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template

Lux Admin Pro has some beautiful responsive layouts and high-quality features. They used Vue CLI on top of Vuetify to make this admin template.

It is a pre-loaded template with support for Vuex, Vue Router, and Vue I18n. And also a Laravel starter. It has all the core features as other premium admin templates on the list. For example, well-documentation, light & dark mode options, RTL support, widgets, UI components, multiple color palettes, etc.

After the purchase, you can have lifetime access to this product. The company offers you lifetime free updates and a beautiful landing page.

You can check the live preview and details about this template from the below-given buttons.

Live Preview Details / Download

8. MaterialPro Vuetify Admin


MaterialPro is a Vue and Vuetify-based admin dashboard template. Along with its very modern look, it offers 06 highly-customizable complete demo variations including horizontal, and RTL demos. Also, there are 06 easy-to-use app designs including, a chat app, calendar app, and employee app.

It doesn’t end here. The template is currently providing over 60 Page examples, 3000+ font icons, 300+ UI components, PSD & XD for dashboard pages, six months of free updates & dedicated support. And last but not least, a 100% money-back guarantee.

Live Preview Details / Download

9. Vue Admin Template (Free)

Vue Admin Template

Vue Admin Template is a free and open-source Vue and Vuetify template. It currently has 216 stars on Github, which is not bad. The template used Vuetify components and style to create a fully functional, user-friendly, and modern-looking dashboard.

However, if you look at the live demo, you will notice some minor error occurrences on the screen during the load. However, it functions perfectly. It includes one dashboard example, a calendar app, an email app, widgets, an overlay, and other features.

If you find this template useful, please give it a star on GitHub.

Live Preview Details / Download

10. Vue Material Admin – Vuetify Admin Dashboard Template (Free)

Material Admin Vue

Vue Material Admin is another open-source admin template with Vue and Vuetify. It has everything like the rest of these free templates. At least, the fundamental elements and features are the same. For example, it has a neat-looking dashboard, a calendar app, chat app, media, widget, charts, etc.

However, it has got more than 2k stars on GitHub. It also has two pre-built language settings. So, you can change it as you prefer. Moreover, it has a discord group (link on GitHub) where you can discuss the template.

Experience Vue Material Admin from the link below.

Live Preview Details / Download

Wrapping Up

Finally, it seems like you’re journey to find out the best Vuetify admin dashboard template has come to an end. Now, if you’re satisfied with our hand-picked list of best Vuetify admin dashboard templates, make sure to try out some of them before choosing any particular one. It is always better to check a few times before confirming anything to use in a project. Run the free templates to see if those are enough for you. If they aren’t, then do not hesitate to spend a few bucks on a product that can save you from hours of hard work.

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