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Top 20 Best Vue Personal Portfolio Templates in 2024

Want to have the best Vue Personal Portfolio Templates for your next web development project? These free & premium templates are here to help.

Vue provides a fast and smooth user experience. As a result, it can help you with your goals. Goals like fast and smooth user experience, reaching out to a wider audience, make an amazing website within a short period can be easily achieved. So, in this blog, we’ll look at the top 20 best Vue portfolio templates for personal websites. Here, we have carefully picked both the free/open-source and premium ones. 

What is a Personal Portfolio Template?

What does it mean to have a portfolio website? Having a personal or portfolio website allows you to reach out to a larger audience with your work. Also, it’s a reflection of your personality. It allows you to create a design that expresses who you are as a designer. So, with personal portfolio websites, you want people to be able to see your work or if you have any kind of creative output.

20 Best Vue Personal Portfolio Templates

Now, without further ado, let us take a look at the 10 best Vue Personal Portfolio Templates. Please keep in mind that the list below is in no particular order.

1. – Vue Personal Portfolio Template (free) Vue Personal Portfolio Template

Live Preview Download is a free Vue Web portfolio template. Eldin Zaimovic developed this template, who is a freelancer and web designer. His template is unique in a lot of ways. Especially, coders will love the template as it has a coding style it. It offers a homepage and a resume page with a resume downloading option. Also, there are sections like services, portfolio, blog, and contact.

Moreover, it has got an outstanding user experience and light & dark modes. So, experience the, and make it your own.

Price: Free

2. Trydo

Trydo Vue Personal Portfolio Template

Live Preview Download

Trydo is a multipurpose template. It also includes the Vue and Vuetify UI frameworks built using Vue.js. They used pure JavaScript and not jQuery. Because it is component-based and also developer-friendly. It is a modern-looking fast template.

You’ll be glad to know that the template has 17+ great demo homepages, necessary inner pages demo, fontawesome & feather icons, blog pages, well documentation, clean code, and a lot more. You name it. Trydo has it all.

Price: 24$

3. Cobra – Vue Personal Portfolio Template

Cobra Vue Personal Portfolio Template

Live Preview Download

Cobra is one of the best personal portfolio templates for creating a striking online presence. It is built over Vue and Nuxt Js. If you’re a creative person looking to broaden your horizons, you should check out Cobra. Now, you can save time with this dedicated web design that will move mountains.

Importantly, they believe – they have covered everything you’ll need to have on your Personal Portfolio. So, the template includes features like CSS3 Animations, W3C valid code, clean code, etc. Moreover, easy customization, simple line icons, and well-documentation are also there.

Price: 17$

4. Nafie – Vue & HTML Portfolio Template

Nafie Vue portfolio template

Live Preview Download

Nafie is a template of good design, well-written code, and strong attention to detail. You can use it as a resume website, a personal CV, or a portfolio of creative work. For professionals, it is perfect. And It is ideal for showcasing your abilities, experience, work, and knowledge.

This template is an excellent choice if you need a high-quality, simple resume template for personal or professional use. it offers pure Vuejs and no JQuery dependency, full documentation, smooth scroll, custom Tooltip, L&D modes, cross-browser support, and more.

Price: 11$

5. Rainfo

Rainfo Vue JS portfolio template

Live Preview Download

Rainfo is designed specifically for creative people, portfolios, designers, freelancers, agencies, etc. The template has 9 different homepages. And in the portfolio section, there are a lot of variations. For example, personal, minimal, black and white, and other portfolio styles are available here.

Most importantly, it is a well-documented template with stunning page examples. Make sure to check out Rainfo and design your dream portfolio website.

Price: 24$

6. Tokyo – Personal Portfolio Template

Tokyo Personal Portfolio Vue JS Template

Live Preview Download

Tokyo is a Vue JS personal portfolio template for a variety of purposes. It has a unique, clean, and minimalist design. Most importantly, it is a suitable template for digitally showcasing professional projects and services. And it is a very responsive template.

The template offers 7 pre-built demos, no Jquery dependency, L&D modes, handwritten CSS, CSS3 animations, and a lot more. Currently, there is an offer going on. Now, you can buy it for only 10$ (limited time offer). The regular price is 24$.

Price: 10$

7. Imroz – Portfolio Vue JS Template


Live Preview Download

Imroz is another stunning Portfolio template made with Vue JS. The template is also available for creative agency & corporate uses. It is a component-based, developer-friendly, modern, and pure JavaScript template that does not rely on JQuery. It has a modern design and a quicker loading react template.

You can use it for a variety of purposes. Examples include a creative agency landing page, a portfolio landing page, a startup, a freelancer, and so on. Also available for other required inner or detailed pages.

Besides, it offers 17+ home variations, fontawesome, feather Icons cross-browser support, Google fonts, dedicated support, and Sass.

Price: 14$

8. Oxer – Minimal Portfolio Vue JS Template


Live Preview Download

Oxer is a minimal portfolio template built with Bootstrap over the Vue JS framework. It is simple to use this template. You can adapt to this regardless of your activity. There are informational spaces. As a result, if you want to promote your business on the internet, you can use this template.

The template has UI kits, UI elements, other components, and utilities. Check out Oxer and experience a template that can make your portfolio stand out.

Price: 27$

9. Brook


Live Preview Download

Brook is a Creative Multipurpose Vue Nuxt JS Template that is both powerful and flexible. There are over 25 stunning homepages to choose from. For your website, you can use any template or a combination of content from various home pages.

Also, the template includes 12+ portfolio layouts, 21+ blog layouts, 12+ Header styles, 16+ Footer styles, and bold digital inventions. Make sure to check out!

Price: 24$

10. Andle – Vuejs Portfolio

Andle Vue Portfolio Template


Andle is a Personal Portfolio template with Vue3 & Bootstrap5. It is not only a desktop-supported template but also a fully responsive design with amazing flexibility and user-friendliness. If you want to create a professional-looking stylistic portfolio website that has an eye-catching homepage, stunning slideshows, and smooth animations. Then you can give it a try.

The template offers you 8 different web pages, features like a dynamic portfolio page, contact form, and a lot more. Also, you’ll be happy to know that it supports all major browsers.

Price: 24$

11. Karmen – Vuejs Personal Portfolio Template

Karmen Vuejs Portfolio template

Download Live Preview

Karmen is a responsive personal website template built with Vue and Nuxt Js to create a professional-looking web space that will showcase your talents and services to the fullest. You can achieve this with the assistance this impressive template, Karmen. They believe they have covered everything you need to get your portfolio up and running.

The template offers you a smooth scroll experience, easy customization, CSS3 Animations, W3C HTML Valid code, Cross Browser Support, and more.

Price: 12$

12. Aali – Personal Portfolio Vue Template

Aali Portfolio Template with Vue.js

Download Live Preview

Ali is a template for purposes like CV, personal portfolio, Resume, etc. It has all of the features of a business website in a creative, minimal, and clean design. Moreover, it can be pretty convenient for any startup company, agency, or freelancer who requires a professional way to showcase their projects. Also, it gives services with a 100 percent super responsive experience.

The template also has both light & dark modes for convenience. It has sticky navigation, well-documentation, mobile navigations, and free updates.

Price: 14$

13. Kura – Personal Portfolio Vuejs Template

Kura Portfolio Template

Download Live Preview

Kura is an appropriate portfolio template for any startup business, company, agency, or freelancer. It has squecky clean, and minimal-looking design. Also, it has all of the features of a corporate website. Aali and Kura are from the same company. They have everything almost similar to one another except for the design.

So, we do not need much to describe Kura. You can check out Kura from the buttons above.

Price: 14$

14. Waxon – Vuejs Portfolio Template + RTL


Download Live Preview

Waxon is a professional and clean personal portfolio template. It’s for designers, developers, freelancers, marketers, and other professions. The template used the most recent version of Vuejs. Moreover, it has a one-of-a-kind homepage, news section, portfolio details pages, RTL support, etc.

Here, you’ll also find 7 pre-built demos, no Bootstrap, all CSS are handwritten, CSS3 Animations, and more. They’ve kept the responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. Furthermore, these two qualities are the first to ensure user-friendliness. Besides that, they used code that is both clean and SEO-friendly. As a result, you can now easily rank your website at the top.

Price: 20$

15. Alexis – Vuejs Portfolio Template for Photographers

Alexis Vuejs Portfolio Template for Photographers

Live Preview Download 

This template Alexis was created from the ground up using modern development best practices. It’s fully responsive and works flawlessly with a wide range of modern browsers and devices. As a result, you’ll get a compelling and impressive result that users will appreciate.

The template will work best for Art galleries, businesses, and Photography. It offers 07+ web pages, No JQuery Dependency, Nuxt Technology, vue-bootstrap, Google Font & Local font, One homepage variation, and more.

Price: 24$

16. Shane – Personal Portfolio Vuejs Template

Shane Personal Portfolio Vuejs Template

Live Preview Download

Shane – Personal Portfolio VueJS Template is a versatile template that can be used for a variety of purposes. It offers 4 Pre-Build Demos, the latest version of Vuejs, No JQuery Dependency, and No Bootstrap. All CSS is Hand Written, CSS3 Animations, and a lot more.

If you are a teacher, developer, designer, content creator, etc. It is a super-fast template with beauty that can make your day.

Price: 20$

17. Photoscope – Nuxt & Vue Photography Portfolio Template

Photoscope Nuxt & Vue Portfolio Template

Live Preview Download

Photoscope is a template created with a minimalist design and modern technologies for Photographers, Designers, and Creative Agents. It is based on cutting-edge frameworks such as Nuxt and Vuejs, as well as Bootstrap. And this is the template for you, if you want something that looks good and performs well.

Moreover, it has other useful features like CSS3, HTML5, Unicons, Axios promise-based HTTP, lazy loading, transitions page animations, etc. Be sure to check out!

Price: 16$

18. NuroDev – Personal Portfolio

NuroDev Personal Portfolio

Live Preview GitHub

It is an open-source personal portfolio only for developers with the Vuejs framework. The template has no name. However, it has all the basic buttons that you need to show in front of your viewers. The template is created by only two contributors. You can easily install it and watch a live preview from the buttons below. If you are a developer then make sure to checkout.

19. Mahy – Personal Portfolio With Vuejs Framework

Mahy - Personal Portfolio With Vuejs Framework

Live Preview GitHub

Mahy is an open-source one-page layout, Vuejs framework-based personal portfolio template. It implemented the material design in it and was designed with Bootstrap 4.5 & CSS. Also, it has a very responsive system and has animated layout. Experience Mahy from the GitHub link above.

20. DriesBos – Personal Portfolio Using Vue & NuxtJS

DriesBos - Personal Portfolio Using Vue & NuxtJS

Live Preview GitHub

DriesBos is a personal portfolio template. It mostly took VueJS, NuxtJS, Storyblok CMS, and Axios to give this simple 90’s developers’ vibe. Which now looks pretty cool and solid. Don’t forget to check out!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of design styles and layout structures to choose from. So, picking the best template is always tough. Please note that making a wise decision is an integral part of success. Because if you choose something that does not fulfill your criteria, you will have to put in the extra effort. Furthermore, you may even abandon the project after failing with the deadline.

So, it would be perfect if you double-check the things before purchasing. Here’s a link to a blog that can assist you in selecting the perfect template every time.

How to Choose a Perfect Template

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