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11 Free Under Construction & Coming Soon HTML Page Templates You Can Not Miss

When it comes to new businesses or startups, gaining some traction even before your product hits the market is essential. Most serious companies use some form of pre-advertisement to ensure they have got some keen eyes focused upon them. Coming soon pages have become the foremost tool to help companies reach out to their potential customers in a modern and resource-friendly way. When utilized properly, an innovative simple under construction page will allow you to network with future clients, while curating an effective presence on the web.

In this guide, we’ll be outlining 11 of the best coming soon pages you need to check out this year. All of these pages are responsive, so you won’t have to worry about missing small-screen devices like smartphones and tablet. On the plus side, you can use any of them for free. So, pick one that suits your company, if things don’t work that great, change to another. It’s that easy!

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Our top pick is Jaximus, a full-fledged coming soon template, suited best for software development companies, or other business solution providers. It’s the only layout in this list that can be used as a homepage after your service opens to consumers.

With different sections for the about page, and contact page; this template bundles segments for showcasing your achievements, provide a gist of your services, and an exquisite subscription form. Jaximus blends MailChimp integration with its form field, aimed at maximizing potential conversions.

Besides, Jaximus also features the classic countdown timer, which can be revoked after your business launches. Social media connectivities have been ensured through icons located in the right-top corner.


coming soon page template

Upcoming has stunning js animated backgrounds. It has animated gradients, perticle, mozaic, snow, triangle background animations. It has also options for video background, you can choose background from YouTube or from any server.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V01

This template utilizes a trapezium style split screen, which provides an eye-catching first look with a lot of free space. It’s a perfect example of minimal yet modern coming soon layouts. The neat and clean design of this template features an immaculate full-screen-width view.

On the left-hand side of the split, you’ll find the subscription form. The tone of the form message is casual, and it gives an excellent impression. At the bottom of this side, there are the social media icons for you to link with.

On the right portion of the divider, this template employs a countdown timer. The design of the timer is classic and consists of two pairs of circular dials. The dials are interactive to mouse hovers and provide a modern animatic vibe.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V02

ComingSoon v2

This is an ideal coming soon template for newly-founded business enterprises. The primary feature of this layout is its image slideshow. The background images will change after a regular interval and give you an attractive functionality to display essential insights of your startup to your potential customers.

The slideshow feature also makes this template suitable for photographers. You can showcase awe-inspiring photographic elements to hook your viewers. The use of up to date HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks will let you personalize the layout and form elements with total ease.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V05

If you own an eCommerce business, it’s likely you’d organize flash sales annually. This is a perfect layout for these types of needs. It can be also used as a landing page for upcoming apps from your startups.

It utilizes a modern vibrant pink coming soon page, with a digital timer. The form is minimal yet proficient and uses a mouse-hover effect for proactive user interaction. You’d not receive invalidated user data as the form validates them for you. You can customize the background easily and change the color or set up an image according to your liking.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V06

It is another example of a generic yet eye-catching under construction page. It suits best for travel and tourism niches and can be modified easily by changing images and color gradients.

The timer uses a splendid card flipping animation that makes it one of our most favorite countdown timers. The newsletter is sublime and resides on the right-hand side. You have the option of integrating your social media accounts with this template.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V07

When waiting for your product to hit the market, you need to emphasize on getting enough user emails. With the right emails, you can significantly increase your conversion rates in no time.

The above template tries to exploit this idea to its advantage. It features a simple yet supreme design. A lot of white space is used to provide a smooth user experience. The color palettes used are genuinely amazing, and users would be tempted to leave behind their emails.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V09

It is yet another template that relies heavily on image slideshows. It’s very minimal, and apart from the image slides and digital timer, you won’t get many elements to customize.

The lack of form fields establishes the notion that, this layout is not intended for the marketing of your products. Instead, it can be correctly utilized when your site is under maintenance, or you’re trying to bring latest updates.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V14

If you’re a travel and tourism organization, then this template can be the perfect coming soon page for you. What we like most about this particular layout is its use of high-quality fonts, with sublime blank spaces.

Although it doesn’t feature a countdown timer, the form field is intuitively designed, and the social media icons allow your customers to link with your social media at ease.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V16

It can be the perfect pre-launch page for online fashion stores. This template features a static image on the right-hand side, and the left portion is dedicated to blending texts and notices.

The timer sits on top of the image and is one of the most elegant in this list. Its colored rings fill according to the remaining time. The subscription form is materialistic, and the social media icons allow your customers to follow your organization on several platforms.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V17

CommingSoon v17

This template is identical to the previous one concerning design ideology. The images and texts portions are tweaked to give you the choice of choosing the appropriate one according to your personal opinion.

The timer is slightly different from the earlier version. However, the form fields and social media icons accommodate the same philosophy. It’s designed for professionals and aimed at providing a neat and clean pre-launch page.

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V19

This pick of our list will be best suited to personal websites or celebrity blogs. It’s the only pre-launch template that solely emphasizes on a dark tone, which gives them a different outlook among all those white-space heavy coming soon pages.

A static image on the left side and a form field with notices on the right-hand side is featured in this layout. It’s also free from timers, which some people tend to find a bit common. The social media icons resemble a rich visual treat.

These are the best free and responsive coming soon pages according to our editors, who’ve gone through all the popular and even some unorthodox options currently available. You should choose one that suits your niche best, and provide the perfect mechanism for bringing in future clients. We found our top pick Jaximus, to be effective for both short and long-term usage. Other viable options can also be beneficial, given they’re used for the right services.

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