Matx Free Angular Material Admin Dashboard

Free Angular material design admin dashboard

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Matx Angular dashboard is free angular material admin template built with Angular official Material design component library and Styles are written in SCSS. Matx Angular Material design Admin dashboard includes all the features you need to build a web application. We implemented JWT Authentication(CanActivate AuthGuard), Lazy loaded modules, Vertical navigation, Model driven menu items, Pages like Signin, Signup, Forgot password, lock screen, ect.

Matx Angular admin template can be used to build any kind of web application such as ERP, CRM or CMS based projects. Industry standard coding practise and naming conventions has been followed for clean and organised code structure.

MatX angular admin uses the power of SCSS Variable, Functions & Mixins so anyone can extend the design with losing design consistency. Hundreds of utility classes are used & included so UI can be built without writing CSS. This makes Matx light weight and new UI can be added without gaining extra weight.

Matx Angular Features

  • JWT Authentication (How to video)
  • Lazy loaded modules/routing(How to video)
  • Dynamic Breadcrumb and Page Title
  • Predefined multiple Light & Dark themes
  • Responsive layout for any screen size
  • Multilevel menu
  • GitHub Repository

Check out MatX Angular Dashboard Pro if you need more customised components, pages and ready made full functional web applications.


Version 9.0.0
Updated 01 Feb 2020
Released 06 May 2020
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