Egret Angular Material Design Admin Template

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Egret is feature rich angular admin template & purely built with Angular. Egret does not use Bootstrap/jQuery.
Angular official material design library & flex-layout are used very carefully.

Angular App Examples

Most wanted apps which are already available in Egret Admin.


  • Inbox
  • Chat
  • Todo
  • Invoice builder
  • Calendar
  • Crud table
  • E-commerce app

More features

  • Multiple Breadcrumb styles
  • Notification system
  • Datatable(Full screen, Custom Filter, Paging)
  • Google Maps(Static, polyline, Radius, info window, etc.)
  • File uploads
  • Profile Page
  • Account Settings Page
  • Users Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Plans and Pricings
  • Login Page (4 page variations)
  • SignUp page¬†(4 page variations)
  • Forgot password
  • Lockscreen page
  • All material components with code viewer
  • Material Icons
  • Dynamic Page Title
  • Translation features
  • Theme switch option
  • Functional Search compoent
  • And more features are coming soon.