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Top 10 Free Figma Wireframe Kits for Web/App Designers in 2022

Are you a beginner web or app designer looking for some useful Free Figma Wireframe Kits to help you complete your work more quickly and smoothly? Don’t look any further! We’ve hand-picked some of the best Free Wireframe Kits for Figma-based Web/APP Designers. But first, please explain what a wireframe is.

What is a Wireframe Kit?

A wireframe is referred to as the skeleton of a website or app. We create a basic layout of a website or app before we begin developing it. It must be straightforward in its approach because it will direct the user’s journey flow on this website or application. It’s more of a solution for our web or app development projects.

As a result, when you use a ready-made wireframe, you will find it much easier to give your ideas shape. A form from which you can begin your development journey. Simple elements such as headlines, copy, body, CTAs, photos, and so on are included in a wireframe.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the meat of the matter. The list that follows is not in any particular order. So, make an informed decision and view the live demos before downloading them. However, because they are all free, you don’t have to worry about downloading and working with multiple Wireframes at the same time.

1. Figma Wireframe Kit (Free)

Figma Wireframe Kit (Free)

This Figma wireframe kit contains a plethora of UI elements, sections, and components for quick prototyping. These low-fidelity wireframing templates are intended for brainstorming and planning your designs. This kit is here to help you save time during your creative process if you want to speed up your wireframing in Figma.

To build your layouts, use a Bootstrap grid and premade, editable components to create fast, modern, responsive prototypes. You’ll save hundreds of hours while delighting your customers. Templates are included, and you may use them in your projects without restriction!


2. Wireframe Kit

Wireframe Kit

This wireframe kit will help you speed up your workflow. This kit is for you if you’re at an early stage of your project and want to sketch out a quick rough idea of what goes where without getting into the nitty-gritty polished details. Complete with components for frequently used items, UI controls, and browser windows, as well as styles that are simple to update.


3. Ironhack Wireframe Kit

Ironhack Wireframe Kit

Ironhack is a great Figma Wireframe Kit for you to start as a UI/UX designer. There are a good amount of useful bits and pieces, interface components, and UI elements. It will help you quickly convey ideas and create a design. And lastly, test them. So, have a great journey with Ironhack.


4. Contra

contra wireframe kit

Contra is a starter wireframe kit for prototyping and designing your idea quickly. It has over 150 components and 50 ready-to-use mobile screens in its library. With the help of its style guide, you can easily create new components and screens.


5. Simple Wireframe Kit

SImple wireframe kit

Because sometimes all you need are some boxes, buttons, and form elements, that is the reason this simple Wireframe Kit is here. Use the light and dark boxes to arrange your content. No specifics are permitted! To change the appearance of your wireframe, use color styles. It now also employs variants and auto layout.


6. Mobile Wireframe UI Kit

mobile wireframe kit

The mobile wireframe kit is a collection of commonly used system components that can be used to quickly mock up your mobile (phone) ideas before investing in the full design. Before you build, use it to share ideas, iterate, prototype, and gain buy-in.

For more info and updates check out the description from the button below.


7. VanillaFrame


VanillaFrame is a straightforward kit for creating wireframes. To begin designing, I tried to only include the most essential elements. It contains 9 Color Styles, Icons by “Feather Icons” (Only the essentials), Placeholder Images, Square Images, Circular Images, avatars, and more are all included. Text styles, button styles, and inputs are also available.


8. Wirefigma


Design websites and applications more quickly so you can focus on what matters most: your ideas. They made a few changes recently. It has the following features: 1. Supports auto layout. 2. Text styles and 3. Variants They also added new components to it, giving it a completely new look.


9. Mobile wireframing kit

wireframing kit

A straightforward kit that includes only what you need to create clear wireframes. All common components are included, with a platform-agnostic design that keeps the focus on your structure.


10. Sketchy Wireframes


A simple toolkit for creating mockups of apps and websites. Allow yourself to be free of pixel perfection and quickly mock up your ideas with this kit. Create anything by assembling your components from the provided primitives (lines and rectangles).


Wrapping Up

Finally, we’d like to point out that each of these Figma wireframe kits has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can’t say things like “this is the best Wireframe kit” or “that is the best Wireframe kit.” Simply put, you should download everything you require. Each one serves a different purpose and is useful in different circumstances. As a result, make certain to find the ideal match for your project’s requirements. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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