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18 Best TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard Templates for 2024

If you’re looking for an alternative to Bootstrap, Material-UI, et cetera to create your unique admin area, TailwindCSS is a good option. In this blog, we will showcase some of the best TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard Templates available in 2024. These might help you build your next outstanding backend project.

tailwind css admin templates

TailwindCSS is a utility-first framework for creating out-of-the-box user interfaces. It is not a UI kit, it does not have default themes or built-in components. Thus, it gives all possibilities in your hand to develop any website you can envision.

1. Aatrox – TailwindCSS Dashboard Template

Aatrox - TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard Template

Aatrox is a UI framework & Admin Dashboard Template built using Tailwind CSS 2 and Html with the full Laravel version. This clean and minimal design template has all the rich features, dashboards, and elements you need.

It contains 5+ dashboard versions, 2000+ premium icons, 30+ card widgets, and a lot more. Moreover, it offers a light color scheme and RTL.

Check out this production-ready template here.

Demo More Info / Download

2. Material TailwindCSS Dashboard React Template (free)

Material TailwindCSS Dashboard React (free)

Material Tailwind Dashboard React is an open-source dashboard template built using React and Tailwind CSS. It makes use of light, surface, and movement. And, based on Google’s Material Design, the template offers 4 example pages, 120 fully coded components, 05 color filter choices, and a lot more. All its elements fit perfectly with each other.

Therefore, let this free admin template help you create your backend project. For more information, go to the link provided below.

Demo More Info / Download

3. Midtone

Midtone - tailwindcss dashboard template

Midtone admin dashboard template is a vast collection. This practical template with unique pages and elements offers you the best output from its core. With the help of Midtone, you can easily save time.

Also, it has modular JavaScript and CSS code, a file manager application, and a free lifetime update. With just a few bucks, you will have the best collection of everything.

Demo More Info / Download

4. Notus React – TailwindCSS UI Kits and Admin Dashboard (free)

Notus React

Notus React is a free Tailwind CSS UI Kits and admin-based template. It offers 100 individual components, variations in colors, 03 plugins, 09 example pages, etc. Also, Notus React includes complete documentation, SASS files, and a clean codebase.

Lastly, this template can give you the freedom to mix and choose.

Demo More Info / Download

5. Notus Angular – TailwindCSS UI Kits and Admin Dashboard (free)

Notus Angular

Notus Angular is similar to Notus React. The fundamental difference is that one used React and another one, Angular. It also has fully coded components, 100 individual components, and everything. If you need an Angular+tailwind combination, you can go with Notus Angular.

Demo More Info / Download

6. D-Board – TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard Template with Nextjs

D-Board - TailwindCSS Admin Template with Nextjs

D-Board is an elegant-looking admin template made with React, Nextjs, Redux, Tailwind CSS, etc. It gives you the option to choose between the light and dark mode and includes more than 100 components in each layout. Furthermore, the widgets and reusable components help you build your next Tailwind CSS project along with React and nextjs.

Demo More Info / Download

7. Vue Tailwind Admin Dashboard

Vue Tailwindcss dashboard Admin

Vue Tailwind Admin is an open-source template made with Vuejs and Tailwind CSS. It is a template that has a fresh and soothing vibe to it. Also, its user interface follows different layered sheets of paper. That brings order and depth despite the fact of complex issues handling various types of visitors.

More Info / Download

8. Concavo – Tailwind CSS, React Nextjs Admin Template

Concavo - TailwindCSS, React Nextjs Admin Template

Concavo is a stand-out admin template with React, Redux, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and SASS. The template got a lot of features and 04 layouts. Also, it has 02 dashboards, automatic code-splitting, etc. The layouts contain more than 100 elements. Moreover, the custom-made widgets will help you to create your next application pretty quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a template built using React, Nextjs, and Tailwind CSS, then do not miss out.

Demo More Info / Download

9. Cleopatra – TailwindCSS Admin Template (free)

Cleopatra - Tailwind Template (free)

Are you looking for a free admin template that is user-friendly and pretty easy to set up at the same time? Here is the right one. Cleopatra is a beautiful template built on Tailwind CSS. It provides rich features, the highest industry standards, and a lot more.

View the demos and buy this browser-compatible open-source admin template from the button below.

Demo / Download

10. TailwindCSS Admin Template (free)

Tailwind Admin Template (free)

Tailwind Admin Template is an excellent template built on top of Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. The template design is inspired by some dribble shots of Vishnu Prasad and Filip Justić. The template has a slick design and provides an ultimate user experience.

Besides, it has interactive graphs, charts, pseudo-class variants, and a lifetime of free updates.

Demo / Download

11. Mosaic Lite – TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard

mosaic lite - tailwindcss template

Mosaic Lite is an open-source TailwindCSS admin dashboard template by It is fully coded in Reactjs. Different charts are pre-coded with chart.js 3, and also widgets. If you are interested in making a beautiful User Interface for SaaS, administration, or any modern web app, etc. It is a great free option.

There is also a premium version available of this template by the name Mosaic. You can also check that out.

Demo / Download Premium Version

12. Yeti Admin – TailwindCSS Dashboard Template + XD Design File

Yeti Admin

The Yeti Admin template was created with a focus on simplicity. All of the pages and apps have been carefully designed to meet the needs of any Admin or Web App. In Vanilla JS, all of the JavaScript functions are well-written. They’ve made every effort to reduce reliance as much as possible. And, it’s made with Tailwind CSS, one of the most popular CSS frameworks (v3).

Please keep in mind that Vanilla JavaScript is used for all JavaScript functionality. As a result, you can use them in any framework you want. And, also the apps we can see here in the demos are just for demonstration purposes. So, they may not function properly.

Demo / Download

13. Tailwind Admin (free)

Tailwind Admin (free)

Tailwind Admin is a simple, responsive open-source admin template built with Tailwind CSS. It includes many components in every layout and widgets and custom-made reusable components to help you build your next project or application.

Demo / Download

14. Tailwind Tool Box – Starter Admin Template (free)

Tailwind Tool Box - tailwindcss template

Tailwind Toolbox has created an open-source admin dashboard template for Tailwind CSS. The template is just an HTML file. And, it is with a full Tailwind CSS file hosted on the CDN. If you want to get the most out of this template, you need to start customizing it right away. Follow the style guide to understand it better.

Demo / Download

15. Admin One – Free Vue.js 3 TailwindCSS 3 Admin Dashboard

Admin One

The Admin One admin dashboard template is a free Vue.js 3 Tailwind CSS 3 admin dashboard template with a dark mode. It is both Vite and Vue CLI supported. The template has styled scrollbars, SPA with Vuex & Router, reusable components, etc.

Demo / Download

16. Jakarta LTE (free)

Jakarta LTE (free)

Jakarta LTE – Premium Admin Templates. The template is rich with UI Kits based on Tailwind CSS. It is an open-source template with a very decent design and maximum output. make sure to check out the template from the button below.

Demo / Download

17. tailwind-admin – Open Source Simple Template

tailwind-admin dashboard

It is a simple admin template with Tailwind CSS. It has very little activity and comparatively less functionality in terms of other admin templates. But you can make it worth enough if you put effort into this open-source admin template. It has no live previews available.


18. rk-admin – Vuejs Admin Template with Tailwind CSS


It is an admin template with Vue 3 and Tailwind CSS 2. The template looks somewhat unfinished. It is an unfinished admin template with a very simple and minimal-looking design. If you want to give it a go. Then, make sure to click the button below. There is a live preview link on GitHub.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to say TailwindCSS is a stunning framework because it frees you from all the limitations. You can get rid of using the same old predictable design templates. Finally, we wish you all the best on your next TailwindCSS Dashboard Template project.

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